Friday, November 25

Christmas pop-up tag and tee-pee card

Hello world!

I missed you all so much, i missed posting and of course creating. I have not had the time to create lately, mainly because i had to work almost non-stop. However, you know very well how it is to have a hobby that you love, you can't stay away for to long. So these last 2 days i managed to steal some time for me and create 2 things that i just learned. It's a tee-pee card that i saw some time ago at someone and instantly wanted to know how it's done. And while browsing for that i discovered another cool thing that i fell in love with right away, so i made that one too ;). Let's see, first the tee-pee card which looks exactly like a tent, so it has 3 sides to decorate ;):
...and from the side:
It could be folded to be perfectly flat so you can send it in an envelope, but i did not have a velcro so i did not do it :P. Hope you like it :).
Aha, so now the sweet pop-up gift tag, which looks so cool and is so cheap to do, it only requested half a sheet of 30x30 cm cardstock.
Here it is closed, on the front side:
...closed, on the other side:
...closed, view from the side:
...and here it's open:
...and open, view from the side:
It's perfect to be used as a gift tag, attached to the gifts you make for Christmas, your dear ones will be amazed i promise you when they will see it ;). So have fun creating and preparing for Christmas and see you as soon as i can again ;). Until then, have a blessed time :)!