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Success - what you want it to be

Dragi prieteni,

Iata un articol unic ce vine ca raspuns la o provocare lansata de sotul meu. Iata ce zice provocarea:
"Anyone with a blog or similar that would enjoy a piece written by me (in English) can just let me know. Can be any topic you wish and I will make a 500-1000 words article on that subject. You can publish on your site or not, as you wish. Same would go for you, if you want to write any article and have it published on my blog. The only restriction it has to be in English. Up for it, just let me know, my writing fingers are itching!"

Eu l-am intrebat "cum sa ai succes daca esti artist amator" si iata ce mi-a raspuns el:

"A topic I can not claim to be an expert at, by any means, and as such I belong to the masses who like me don't know either, and that feels good. They say the wisest man/woman is the one who knows how little he/she knows, and that should make me very wise indeed. Now if that is true can be debated “in absurdum”, but that is not the goal of this article.

The first question you have to ask yourself would be, what is success? Now that differs, for me success is just being content with something I have done, just for myself and to hell with what other people think. Now that is one kind of success, but probably not a real measure in this case. I would assume that some monetary gain would be the end goal and then it gets harder, much harder but not impossible.
A quick check online gives the daunting result of giving no answers at all, or at least no answers that seem useful. Don't get me wrong, you can find endless and often repetitive answers on how you should start by selling to your friends, use social media and take your time. Now those are advices that one hardly needs to check online to reach, just common sense. However the problem with common sense seems to be that most people have it, to some extent anyway. So most people will do the same thing. Now, if everybody does the same thing then the outcome will probably be the same for most people. That can be a success, but lets aim a bit higher than that, shall we.

So in my opinion to succeed you have to create something that you yourself feel good about. Something that you would not care if other people liked or not, it would of course be nice if they liked it but that is not the most important thing. Making the foundation, so to speak, for everything else to follow on.
Next thing is to try and create an own style, something unique, maybe something crazy that would make your work interesting. It does not have to be morbid or to be meant to shock, but it needs to be something special from you, not your attempt to do something others have done already, but something from your soul, if such a high-flying word is appropriate in this context. If you have managed these two points I think you have at least started, taken your first step towards your own goal, lets call that success shall we.
Now the next step is by far the hardest, to achieve success and I myself have the same problem. I do enjoy the journey, the experience, maybe more than to reach the goal, but even that can be hard and frustrating at times. 
So assuming you now have some creations you think are wonderful, original, worth selling and for people worth buying, what do you do? Looking into the past we can see that most famous artists, painters or what it may be, did not reach this goal in their lifetime. They got the old hindsight view of “How wonderful he/she painted.”
So you need to get out there and you will have to get out of your comfort zone. You need to show your creations in any way you can, and that is by far the hardest thing to do. The self-criticism will always follow you, “is this really any good”, “why should people buy my creations” and so on. You need to combat this devil and that must be a priority at all times, and even when he shows his 
ugly face you have to kick him right on the nose. If you manage that, you are again getting further on your trip. 
Now you will have to make connections, meet people and show your works. They can be brilliant, but if nobody knows about them no one can say how good they are. If your are lucky you know some venue where you can have an exhibition, if you don't, use your own home. Create an in-house exhibition and invite friends, family and friends of your friends and make it a nice event with some wine, if I may make a suggestion. 
Check with the local rag if they might be interested or check with your friends if they know someone that might know someone that you can talk with. Just don't rely only on Facebook or similar social media. They are good for getting likes but you need something more than that, something with substance and social media seldom give that, no, what you need is a tactile visual interaction to get the art lovers' blood pumping.
Here I end my feeble attempts at advice in this area. I think you can read this and think it is total crap and be correct, as you have another way to go and that is the right one for you, whatever that may be. But maybe, just maybe you found something in this random stacking of letters that made sense for you, and if you did then go with that. The only thing you can not let happen is to start doubting yourself, as whatever you are creating that is something unique and that nobody can take away from you, whatever happens."

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