Thursday, July 30

Marilyn Monroe - Cat Woman complete

Hello friends,

Our wonderfull vacation is ending and this stirred some emotions in me, but i wont say anything about that here :). I will just show you what i did recently and tell you that i have more like this ongoing. This double (A4) page is called 

Cat Woman complete

and is made of a mirrored image of Marilyn Monroe with a lovely cat:

I hope you enjoy it! I will get back as soon as i have my latest page ready. Until then, thank you very much for taking a peak to my creations and i wish you all a lovely creative summer :)!

Wednesday, July 22

Creative summer in the city

Hello everyone,

Mixed media journaling got my creative juices joing, it seems. I miss creating a canvas or a layout, i must admit, but i feel that journal pages help me get the practice i need. Here are my latest pages:

1. Gothic elegance:

and a bit of detail:

2. The black bride:

with a bit of detail:

...and 3. "Completing each other" (circles and lines):

with some details regarding the texture:

Enjoy them and and have a creative summer ;)! Thanks for taking a peak!

Tuesday, July 21

Steampunk Ginny Just (got) married

Hello everyone,

I never thought i would ever get to like this style as much i do now. I discovered the stamps (Stampotique) a while ago and i admired them, knowing however that i will never create anything using them. And how wrong i was :)))!!! Because after just 1 year here i am making a journal page with the engaged couple, who is "Just married" :)
and a detail:

And since our very talented friend, Klasse, was here with us, he got inspired to create himself some very cool characters in his very characteristic style. The girl in the creation bellow is signed by him and her name is Ginny, so please enjoy "Steampunk Ginny": 

and a detail:

I hope you enjoyed watching them and i thank you very much for taking a peak!

Thursday, July 16

My latest mixed-media

Hello world,

I have been away for 2 weeks or so, but yesterday i got "hit" by the muse, so i created 2 journal pages, my first ones actually. 
I will let the pictures do the talking, shall i ;)?

1. Never leave your friends alone (disturb them at all times):
with details:

2. "Feed me rags"
 with details:

Our 1st guerilla Art exhibition

Hello everyone!

Im on holiday - and oh how nice it is - but im trying to keep a close track of the most important events. So, last Friday we organised our first in-house art exhibition, guerilla style :). A very relaxed event, as we wanted it to be.

Who exposed:

1. Me, with my mixed-media creations accompanied each by a poem written by my dear husband
2. Magnus, who showed us the city in photos and poems, plus drawings and sketches
3. Klasse with his drawings and sketches for Magnus's book "The James Interlude"
4. Ana-Maria, 11 yo, my niece who is very much into scrapbooking.

So, looking forward to the next one ;)!

Salutare, everyone!

Sunt in concediu, dar ca sa nu uit totusi ce a fost mai important, incerc sa postez cat de repede dupa ce evenimentele s-au produs. 
La ideea sotului meu, am organizat vinerea trecuta prima expozitie in-house, in stil guerilla. A fost o atmosfera relaxata, asa cum ne-am dorit si, desi personal nu as fi crezut, doresc sa mai organizam astfel de expozitii :). 
Expozantii au fost 4: 3 adulti, respectiv eu cu creatiile mele de mixed-media, Magnus cu desenele, fotografiile si poemele sale, si Klasse cu desenele si schitele sale pentru cartea "The James Interlude", scrisa de Magnus. Iar copilasul a fost Ana-Maria, nepoata mea pasionata de scrapbooking.
So, looking forward to the next one ;)!

Tuesday, July 7

A fost lansata prima provocare "Happy Scrappy"

Dragi prieteni,
Vacanta e in toi iar prima provocare "Happy Scrappy" a fost lansata. Vom crea pagini de album scrapbooking dupa schema si gama cromatica de mai jos. Din gama cromatica trebuie sa alegeti minim 3 culori, iar tema o alegeti voi. Aveti timp pana la 31 iulie orele 23.59 sa va postati creatiile, pe grup.

Regulile de baza:
1. poate participa absolut oricine din Craiova, nu trebuie sa va inscrieti prin vreun formular si nici sa anuntati - dar trebuie sa fie minim 3 creatii individuale inscrise la final
2. aveti la dispozitie 1 luna intreaga pentru a va concepe si realiza creatia - exclusiv pagini de album, fara felicitari
3. puteti lucra cu orice materiale doriti, atat timp cat se inscrie in zona scrapbooking smile emoticon
4. vom avea o schema si o gama de culori de respectat
5. tema o decide fiecare
6. vor fi PREMII pentru castigator
7. castigatorul va fi desemnat prin tragere la sorti si anuntat pe blog
Spor la creat si inspiratia estivala fie cu voi 
smile emot!

Wednesday, July 1

Stay connected - pictura mixed media indisponibila

"Stay connectedeste cea mai recenta creatie a mea de mixed media si, in acelasi timp, prima in stil steampunk, i mean for real ;). A pornit de la o idee si un desen al sotului meu si ii este, bineinteles, dedicata lui, celui care ma sustine in toate. 
Initial, robotul nu avea sprancene si nici nu zambea, insa pentru ca cineva l-a confundat cu un bec, am zis sa-l fac putin mai uman, sa nu existe dubii :).
Masoara 30x30 cm este disponibila ;). Enjoy!

"Stay connected" is my most recent creation. It's dedicated to my husband, who supports me in everything. 
It started actually from an idea of his and a drawing he made. Initially, the robot did not have eyebrows and did not smile either, but since someone took it for a lightbulb i thought i should eliminate any doubts ;).
It's a 30x30 layout and its not available ;). Enjoy!