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Our 1st guerilla Art exhibition

Hello everyone!

Im on holiday - and oh how nice it is - but im trying to keep a close track of the most important events. So, last Friday we organised our first in-house art exhibition, guerilla style :). A very relaxed event, as we wanted it to be.

Who exposed:

1. Me, with my mixed-media creations accompanied each by a poem written by my dear husband
2. Magnus, who showed us the city in photos and poems, plus drawings and sketches
3. Klasse with his drawings and sketches for Magnus's book "The James Interlude"
4. Ana-Maria, 11 yo, my niece who is very much into scrapbooking.

So, looking forward to the next one ;)!

Salutare, everyone!

Sunt in concediu, dar ca sa nu uit totusi ce a fost mai important, incerc sa postez cat de repede dupa ce evenimentele s-au produs. 
La ideea sotului meu, am organizat vinerea trecuta prima expozitie in-house, in stil guerilla. A fost o atmosfera relaxata, asa cum ne-am dorit si, desi personal nu as fi crezut, doresc sa mai organizam astfel de expozitii :). 
Expozantii au fost 4: 3 adulti, respectiv eu cu creatiile mele de mixed-media, Magnus cu desenele, fotografiile si poemele sale, si Klasse cu desenele si schitele sale pentru cartea "The James Interlude", scrisa de Magnus. Iar copilasul a fost Ana-Maria, nepoata mea pasionata de scrapbooking.
So, looking forward to the next one ;)!

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