marți, iulie 21

Steampunk Ginny Just (got) married

Hello everyone,

I never thought i would ever get to like this style as much i do now. I discovered the stamps (Stampotique) a while ago and i admired them, knowing however that i will never create anything using them. And how wrong i was :)))!!! Because after just 1 year here i am making a journal page with the engaged couple, who is "Just married" :)
and a detail:

And since our very talented friend, Klasse, was here with us, he got inspired to create himself some very cool characters in his very characteristic style. The girl in the creation bellow is signed by him and her name is Ginny, so please enjoy "Steampunk Ginny": 

and a detail:

I hope you enjoyed watching them and i thank you very much for taking a peak!

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