Wednesday, August 5

Be your TRUE self, always ;)!

I always loved owls, they are so sweet and cute and "crazy". Well, always is a bit much, but you know what i mean ;). However crazy you might think i am after them, im not the kind to have everything patterned in owls. I only have a cup, because i got it as a gift :P. And as crazy as i sound after them, they were not my first idea for a journaling page either. But it seems they did not have to wait too long, because here they are, with a message for you:

Be your TRUE self, always

Totdeauna mi-au placut bufnitele, sunt super crazy si dulci. Dar oricat de mult credeti ca mi-ar placea, sa stiti ca nu sunt genul care sa aiba husa de telefon si cani si lenjerie de pat imprimate cu bufnite, nu :))). Am decat o cana primita cadou recent. Si, stiu ca suna "ciudat", dar bufnitele nu au fost nici prima mea idee pentru o pagina de jurnal. Insa se pare ca nu au trebuit sa astepte mult, pentru ca iata-le aici cu un mesaj important pentru voi: "Fii tu insuti/insati, mereu".

Enjoy and have a lovely day!

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