Saturday, October 10

Art sets you free, it does

This is a layout about the way art makes me feel. I bet im not the only one feeling a great sense of freedom when creating. Like nothing can touch me. No mundane rule, no time, just the space. And it feels great, of course.
So here are the tools of my art brought into art. I must say i love how it turned out. Right now this is the creation im most proud of, so proud that, at the advice of most of my friends, i intend to bring it to a higher scale, i need to dare :). Hope you like it too:

and some details:

Iata, dragi prieteni, cea mai recenta creatie a mea, despre felul in care arta ma face sa ma simt. Departe de orice regula, de notiunea de timp, simt doar spatiu in jurul meu. Si ma simt extraordinar. Libera, la propriu. Multi dintre prieteni m-au sfatuit sa transpun aceasta idee intr-o creatie la scara mai mare - intentionez si sper sa indraznesc :). Sper ca va place si voua.