Tuesday, December 20

Toccata for the Unknown

Hello everyone!

LATER EDITNow the book can be found on Amazon, and soon also as a paperback (in 1-3 days). Paperback will cost 5.95 $ + VAT + shipping. More information will come.


Im very happy to be back here, especially with good news such as these. Good and original news, because this is something completely different and unexpected, having nothing to do with what I usually do, I tell you. 
Good news I say as - drums rollllllll 😂 - I'm so happy to announce that my dear husband published his first book, a novel. It's something he's been working at in the last months and is called exactly like this "Toccata for the Unknown", a psychological novel.

The book is to be found on the major book sites - like Smashwords, Goodreads, Barnes&Nobles etc - and can be bought for 3,45 USDIf you are quick enough, you can download it for free as well. He will appreciate your reviews, of course.

Follow Tim, a writer looking for inspiration, as he stumbles upon the strangest place in town, a place with no name, which he calls The Restaurant. In there he finally finds the inspiration he was looking for, or so he thought. The Restaurant attracts him like a magnet, he invites his friends, but they are never let in, it’s only open for him. In the end, he must find the answer to the question “What is this place and why can't I remember my past?”.


Tuesday, November 15

Urban sunrise / Urban sunset

Hello everyone,

Long time no see, i know and i apologize. I can't believe it's almost a month since my last post, but much has happened meanwhile.
1. I had to reinstall my OS - went back to Windows 7 from Windows 10. Really crappy OS, bad updates that incapacitated my computer on and on. With this i lost some files...but that's just it, i guess it could have been worse 😁.
2. I have sprained my ankle, and pretty bad this time. First time when i sprain the left ankle. The right one is already experienced by now, even though also the happy one - never swollen, never got blue, always healed quickly. Now this one must have been pretty bad, but i can only hope for the best. I was at the aerobics class, if you're wondering what i was doing. Only my ankles have always been sensitive - they are a sensitive area anyway - but i never thought of protecting them when going to the gym.
3. Our radiator in the livingroom broke and have to replace it - just today this should happen. Hope it will go quickly. We had some money saved for a mixt stove, now this has to go on the radiator. Well, they do say that it's never for the one you plan, but for the one that just happens.
Now that's all the complaining for the whole rest of the year, i promise you 😄. And sorry for that. I just wanted you to know i had serious reasons why i have not really been around.

Now to the painting today. It looks much better in reality, i never thought i would every say that: 


The upper and the lower part of it: 

It has some 3D to it:

And it started from something totally different, in which i did not see any potential:

So i let it stand around for about 2-3 weeks, for me to get some inspiration and courage. I do hope you like the final result.

Right now Im working on a bigger project about which im very excited.
Until my next post, take care and have fun!

Wednesday, October 26

Timeless - break the limits of time

Hello everyone,

Im back after a while, again. Hope you enjoy the autumn...i can't say that i really do, this yea the autumn has been a bit grey at us :P. But i enjoy it anyway. And my secret is that i get out - it's much nicer than looking out from behind the window.
I have even created something, a canvas that i started in September and did not like how it turned out. I let it be there for like 3 weeks or so, gathering inspiration and energy to start anew and i did it. But the pot today is not about that. The post today is about "Timeless", a canvas-clock that i finished in the beginning of September, had it exhibited at our 2nd private exhibition and sold it already.
If you like it and want your own canvas-clock, this can be done in other color-schemes and/or sizes, depending on what you need and want. So here it is:

Monday, September 26

Joy to the world - a 70 x 50 cm naive canvas

This is the second creation i did this autumn and i quite love it, or more to the point i love the style. It's also the biggest, never worked on a 70 x 50 cm canvas before, so i feel good about that. I actually feel better working on bigger surfaces, it gives me more freedom somehow.
What i had in mind when i did this is Christmas, my favourite holiday. A city during Christmas, on a silent beautiful night. I wanted to inspire hope through my painting, this is why i used happy colours. And i do feel that using this style - it's called "naive" - i manage to inspire more hope and joy than if i used a more classical and realistic style.
So here it is, the painting with the details:

Friday, September 23

Communicate & stay free

Communicate is the 1st creation i did this autumn. The idea came to me in spring, i think, but i just did not have the mojo to pursuit it until now. I even made a small sketch of it and took a pic so i remember what i meant by this. Like i knew i won't do it then :D.
Anyway, the idea of this creation is that communication sets you free: communicate and you will be free like a butterfly. i don't think i have to tell you that the idea of communication is rendered here by the mobile phone, the body of the butterfly. And btw, the phone turns on if connected to electricity - but it won't stay long because of its poor batery :).
Everything is set on a 50 x 40 cm cotton canvas. I let you with photos of my creation, which i hope you like:

Thursday, September 22

MixedMediaVero s-a mutat in casa noua

Dragi prieteni,

Bine va regasesc! 
A venit toamna! Cam brusc, nu? Eu sper totusi ca vremea isi va reveni si va fi din nou cald si placut. Cand zic cald nu ma gandesc la 30 grade sau peste, nu. Ci la maxim 20-25 grade si la acel soare placut de toamna, cu caldura sa specifica, domoala.
Odata cu toamna am primit si vesti de la fostul meu serviciu de gazduire a magazinului online. Cum ca sa ma gandesc bine cum vreau sa-mi vand creatiile si de unde, ca ei se transforma in simple cataloage de prezentare, indepartand deci functia de vanzare. Well...m-a luat cam pe neasteptate chestia asta. 
Insa bineinteles ca n-am rezistat mult si am inceput sa caut optiuni noi. Prima la care m-am gandit a fost, bineinteles, blogspot. Mi-ar fi fost tare comod sa am si bogul si boutique-ul pe acelasi "host". Insa am fost dezamagita, blogspot avand foarte putine sau chiar nicio optiune de online shopping. Bine, asta in afara de optiunea de a-mi publica creatiile pe blog, cate o postare pentru fiecare, fiecare cu optiune de cumparare via PayPal. Insa mi-a displacut ideea. 
Asa ca m-am reorientat spre WordPress. Si am fost uimita sa vad cate optiuni exista acolo. Asa ca magazinul meu este acum pe o noua platforma, care nici nu ai zice ca porneste de la o platforma de blogging. Are absolut tot ce ii trebuie: este in limba romana, preturile sunt in lei (ron), are info privind dimensiunile fiecarei creatii si taxele postale, o functie de zoom foarte bine gandita, optiuni de share pe social media, are pana si optiuni de creare de promotii. Nu as putea fi mai bucuroasa, sincer. Asa ca am simtit nevoia sa sarbatoresc si am pus 3 creatii la promotie (fiecare din ele are pretul redus cu 50 lei). In plus, noutatea este ca magazinul se concentreaza strict pe mixed media, cel putin momentan. Daca voi avea timp si energie, poate ca voi introduce si creatiile mele scrapbook (diferitele tipuri de albume, agende, calendare etc.) Dar momentan ma concentrez strict pe mixed media.

Mai am de lucru la el, la fineturi, dar boutique-ul este deja functional si creatiile pot fi deja cumparate. Asa ca va invit cu drag sa ma vizitati in spatiul meu virtual si sa imi spuneti ce parere aveti.
Va astept cu drag, ca intotdeauna, si tineti aproape, ca mai am noutati ;)!

Tuesday, September 20

Esti cadru medical? SUEDIA are nevoie de tine! - UPDATE

UPDATE: Ceea ce poate ca nu stiai sunt salariile acordate medicilor, care pornesc de la 3000 de euro si la care se adauga 30-100% pentru weekend-uri si garzi.
Actualizarea insa se refera la perioada de valabilitate prelungita a ofertei. Astfel, cei care incep cursurile de azi, 3 august, si le termina pana la cel tarziu 31 octombrie beneficiaza de 2 respectiv 5 sedinte GRATUITE!!! Astfel, daca

1. vii la 15 sedinte (si le termini pana pe 30 septembrie), ai 2 sedinte GRATUITE (total de plata 1040 lei), iar daca 

2. vii la 30 sedinte (si le termini pana pe 31 octombrie), ai 5 sedinte GRATUITE (total de plata 2000 lei)

Ramane valabila oferta pentru tine si prietenii tai: daca vii cu un prieten - care ramane cu tine minim 15 sedinte - ai inca o sedinta GRATUITA/prieten

Plata se face integral in avans! Oferta este valabila doar pentru cursurile care se termina cel tarziu la 30.09.2016 respectiv 31.10.2016.

Detalii si inscrieri: 0754-48 90 46, green1977@gmail, info@mvcreative.eu


Nu e o noutate ca doctorii si cadrele medicale sunt la mare cautare in Suedia. Indiferent ca esti anestezist sau doctor in micro-chirurgie, daca esti bun Suedia are nevoie de tine! Tot ce trebuie sa mai faci tu este sa inveti suedeza (foarte asemanatoare cu engleza, pe care probabil ca o stii deja destul de bine)!
Nu esti cadru medical dar vrei sa inveti o limba tot mai cautata? Incepe sa inveti suedeza, care iti ofera unicul avantajul de a putea lucra si in Danemarca sau Norvegia, pentru ca e suficient sa stii suedeza ca sa lucrezi in oricare din aceste 3 state ;). Profita de aceasta sansa, care iti e acum la indemana!

In Craiova exista un curs de SUEDEZA - singurul, de altfel - asistat de un suedez NATIV!!!

Comparativ cu un curs intensiv, noi:

1. iti corectam temele, pentru ca tu sa nu inaintezi facand greseli
2. iti dam teste intermediare, la fiecare 3 capitole, pentru a monitoriza indeaproape progresul
3. iti punem la dispozitie 2-3 manuale de ultima ora, dupa care invata toti emigrantii stabiliti in Suedia (pentru fiecare lectie iti punem la dispozitie fisiere audio, pentru ca tu sa te familiarizezi cu pronuntia)
4. iti oferim sansa de a dialoga 15 minute cu un suedez nativ, pe temele abordate in fiecare capitol, pentru a-ti perfectiona PRONUNTIA (atat de diferita fata de limba romana)
5. iti oferim totul la un pret imbatabil - 80 lei/sedinta!!!

Vara aceasta avem o oferta super-speciala pentru tine: incepe sa inveti suedeza de azi si pana pe 31 august ai intre 2 si 5 sedinte GRATUITE!!! Astfel, daca 
1. vii la 15 sedinte, ai 2 sedinte GRATUITE, iar daca 
2. vii la 30 sedinte, ai 5 sedinte GRATUITE ;)

Oferta verii

In plus, daca vii cu un prieten - care ramane cu tine minim 15 sedinte - ai inca o sedinta GRATUITA/prieten

Plata se face integral in avans! Oferta este valabila doar pentru cursurile care se termina cel tarziu la 31.08.2016.

Detalii si inscrieri: green1977@gmail, info@mvcreative.eu sau la 0756 013774

Te asteptam cu drag!

Friday, September 16

Extrase de la Expozitia GAM no. 2

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

First off, i have some news regarding my webshop: it has changed address. Yes. Due to the fact that my current host downgraded their services (took away their selling option transforming all the shops into simple presentation catalogues), i had to move the shop and i had to choose WordPress. Which is totally new to me, but i had to, because it turned out to be the best free platform for webshops. Amazingly actually. So, this is what im doing now, transfering all my info there. And no, it can be done by export-import, only by copy-paste.
Except for that, I know it's a long time since i posted last, but, as it happens, i had a reason: not so much the lack of time, rather the lack of mojo (read "inspiration" :D) which, of course, led to a lack of creations.
However, when our vacation started and our friend Klasse joined us, him and Magnus started creating like crazy. Which inspired me too. I was almost ashamed to just look at them and admire their lovely creations, but luckily my fingers got itchy and so i started creating too. Suddenly, Magnus came up with the idea of having another exhibition and that put even more pressure on me - i usually don't work well under pressure, but it seems i get creative under pressure. Strange :D!
Anyway, on the 8th of September 2016 we had the 2nd GAM exhbition (GAM = Guerilla Art Movement). It was full house, we loved it and hope everyone felt nice. Here are some photos and here you will find even more.

I will get back soon with an article about one of my newest creations. So stay close ;)!
Until then, have a lovely time!

Tuesday, September 6

Doar pe baza invitatiei

Dragi prieteni,
Joi, 08.09.2016, de la orele 19.00, va asteptam cu drag la cea de-a doua editie a expozitiei private de arta, cu lucrari noi de grafica si mixed media semnate de Magnus Svanström, Klaes Karlsson si subsemnata. Intrarea este gratuita si doar pe baza de invitatie :)!

Monday, May 23

Zilele "Mihai Viteazul" 2016

Hello everyone!

Long time no write, and im sorry for that, only my time has been very limited lately, so limited that i could not even meet a friend who i see very seldom :(. So much so that i hardly had time to get out and enjoy. At the end of this week i was as tired as a dog :)). And i don't get tired easily, but some things make you more tired than others, especially if they are on a repeat pattern :D.

Anyways, here i am again telling you about the joy i had this week. Luiza from Tradem, the Culture House where i had my scrapbooking workshops and where 2 months ago Italy, Poland and Romania scrapbooked together, called me a short while ago to ask if i could do some medals for "Zilele Mihai Viteazul" 2016, which happens in Craiova every year in May.
Well, i started looking for photos of Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave - a ruler of ours from the 16th century), and i found just a few that i liked. I had this idea that i should put them on a black background, so the picture should have had very bright colours.

So 30 medals and a trophey (a sword, which was drawn by Magnus and painted in gold by me - turned out very nicely actually) for "creme de la creme" - have not found out yet who won the trophey, should not forget to ask ;). 

So here is a proud winner of the medal:

And here are the medals:

Friday, May 6

Italy, Poland and Romania scrapbook together

Hello everyone!

It feels like i have not written in a long time, with the Easter holiday and all that. I was so busy those days that i even forgot to send the invoices to my clients. Luckily, they accepted them 2 days later.
Today i come to you with another old project, since March this time. Somewhere in January Luiza from Tradem, where i had my workshops, called me and asked if i could teach some youngsters scrapbooking. How could i ever say "no" to that? I was happy to. Going into the details, i found out that i was to show some kids - about 32 of them with ages from 9 to 17, from Italy, Poland and Romania - what scrapbooking is and help them create their first album page. Why so many kids from 3 different countries? Well, they were all involved in a Erasmus project that involved highschools from these 3 countries. The project's main idea was "non-formal learning" - exactly what scrapbooking does. 
I was delighted to be among so many kids, with their positive energy and happiness. Even though it was a cold grey day, i felt great just because i was among them, eben though  knew none of them, of course. We spent 3 hours together and i was very happy to see that some of them asked for details, because they wanted to get started with scrapbooking when they got home. There is no greater joy for me than sharing my passion and inspiring others - especially young people - to start on their own.
I did not have the time to take any photos, these 3 are from them:


Monday, April 25

Our creations at the Swedish Embassy in Romania

Last December (i know, im unbelievable writing about it almost half a year later :)))), we had the honour of being invited by the Swedish Embassy in Bucharest to take part at the Santa Lucia celebration. We wanted to thank the Ambassador for the invitation and so we had the pleasure to offer her 2 of our creations, one of mine and one by Magnus. You can imagine we were over the moon when she told us she will have them hanged in her cabinet.

                         "Tasteful life" - by me                        "Lady in red" - by Magnus

More about that December day we spent in Bucharest you can read here, an article by Magnus, my talented husband, he has a way with words, i promise you, and here he's not even trying.

It was a delight listening to the choir singing in Swedish, which is not easy at all, i give you that, especially when you are not a Swede, them being Romanian students. I leave you with one of the few photos my husband managed to take that evening:

Wednesday, April 20

Love conquers all (steampunk canvas)

Hello everyone!

Today im back with my newest canvas, and this is really new, not from 2015 :D. No, "Love conquers all" has been finished not earlier than April 2016 ;). There is not so much i can say about it, more than the title. Well, maybe i can give you some technical details and tell you that the background is first covered with pieces of paper (randomly torn), over which i applied gesso and then copper paint; then with black gesso, a sponge and a stencil i painted the cogs and wheels, the 3D cogs are in mdf and painted with blue metallic paint (one of my top favourite). The heart is in polyester, covered in manilla thread and then paint.
There is one other creation i have in mind, only i did not get the mood to start yet, so wish me luck, i want to do it rather sooner than later ;).
So now i will let you take a look at my latest one from your own perspective. I hope you like it:
 Love conquers all

Love conquers all


Wednesday, April 13

FOCUS on the canvas (50x40)

Hello eveyone! It feels like a long time since i posted last, but that is maybe because it was a full week. 
We had some lovely weather last week, after a long winter and a capricious spring (with lots of rain). And when i say lovely i mean something about 25-30 degrees Celsius. Our old bones welcomed the heat, i give you that :)).
Talking about heat, i think about it when i see the intense colours (i applied those paints with my fingers, lovely feeling) on this canvas. Which, theme-wise, has nothing to do with the temperatures. No. As the title says it, its called "Focus" and the idea behind was this: when one focuses on finding information, one has to sometimes "spy". But this matters less. All that matters is that once you find the right information, the questions (the question mark to the right) are left behind, and the answers (the light bulb to the left) enter your life.
No need to talk now about the necessity of spying to find the right information, or that the answers you find might not be the ones you were hoping for. All that matters is the you find the right answers, because that, in itself, sets you free (the butterfly in the right corner).
I really hope you like it :).


 structure detail        low

 answers        low