Monday, January 25

A son, his father and their crafty time together

Long time no post about my workshops. They used to take place on Thursdays, but now, because of a big, important and urgent project that Vlad's mommy is involved in at work, they had to take a break until spring :(. This is why he recently came accompanied by his father, who - would you believe - is pretty experienced in handmade projects: he helped his son to finish the quilling gifts for the girls in his class and now he created his own desk calendar. 
Just because of this, i thought i would show you what Vlad and his father created lately (you can see here what they created since they started the workshops). Being the first meetings of the new year i thought we should do something useful as well. That's me, i know :D. So we decided to make a desk calendar, one for each. For Vladut with summer prints, to keep him motived throughout the school year, and for mommy with geometric prints because she prefers those ;). So here are Vladut, his father and their desk calendars, in the making, then finished: 

I will miss them, we got along so naturally from the very beginning. Im already looking forward to March so we can restart our workshops, where, for a few hours, we kind of forget about stress :).

A friend of theirs, who followed us on FB, will join in starting this Friday. The little girl is only 5 years old. It will be sweet creating with her. Now she is in the mood to create winter-y projects (normally enough, is -13 degrees Celsius outside :D), so that's what we will do ;). Will keep you in touch, obviously.

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