Saturday, January 16

MI1 brings back Santa

Hello everyone! Im back with another post. By the posting frequency i could deduce that this year will be a very active and creative one. And i can only be happy about this. 
So what's this one about? Well, like any other novice artisan, im looking for inspiration wherever i can, and YT is one big resource. There i found Mike's channel, a very cool mixed media artist from UK whom i liked instantly ;). Moreover, i was happy to find out that in 2016 he launched a challenge for everyone that is into mixed media (art journaling and so on). And i felt i wanted to join, even though im usually a bit shy about this. He launches a challenge in the 1st weekend of every month, so the 1st challenge of the year is ongoing.
Well, if you know me by know you should know i love Christmas, that i had no time in 2015 to create something for the occasion and that i have tried to create something in 2016 as well, but the result was something totally different, that finally i was happy with :).
Well, with this challenge how could i miss the opportunity to try again to create something Christmas-y??? No way!!!
So here i am, 3 weeks after Christmas, with a journal page with Santa, snowflakes and lovely wishes ;). Hope you like it, I certainly enjoyed the process to the maximum and im not unhappy about the result either ;).

Focus on Santa ;)

Love the crackly look given by the tissue paper

I finally got my hands on some white crackling paint

The snowflakes are in 3D

Oh, i almost forgot, here are the conditions we had to meet for this 1st challenge:

Now on to the FB group to post my creation. 
Until next post, let's have a lovely weekend! Here they say winter will hit again for a week or so, But we can't complain about 0 degrees in January, in Växjö they have -15 degrees, so let's enjoy winter, yes ;)!

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