Monday, January 4

Never too late for Christmas


If you want to see what became of this canvas - something totally different, i tell you that -, then please check out this post ;)! Thanks, everyone!

Good morning, dear readers, and Happy New Year! I hope you had lovely holidays and made a good start into 2016.
About me what can i say? This Christmas caught me almost completely unprepaired. And when i say that i don't talk about the cooking and cleaning and so on, but about the way i felt. Im telling you in all honesty, i got a bit scared thinking i lost the "child in me", because it's the first time when i did not feel the Christmas spirit, until the day before. The previous years i was getting in the mood already in the beginning of December. I know, you will say "listen to Christmas music" and so on, but i did, and still something lacked it seems. I really, with all my heart, hope it was the lack of time that made me feel this way. Because i had no time to make my handmade cards either, no time to create at all. I wanted to make a mixed media canvas or layout about Christmas and i did not manage that either. And i tell you, i suffered because of this.
But don't think i gave up :). Passion does not let anyone give up on what they love. So, with all this free time, right after Christmas i started building my creative feeling (dont ask me how i do this, i dont know either :P). As you will see, it took me a while, because only yesterday, 3rd of January, i managed to create something.
And even though i wanted it to be something childish, the muse took me on another path, not completely different, but still :). I actually wanted to make a tree out of papers and the background was much lighter, basically white with some details painted in light blue and green. I like it when i start out with something and i get totally something else. So this is what i managed and you can find the creation here
The thumbnail photo is taken using flash, so the colours are somewhat lighter than in reality. Hope you enjoy it.
(photo using flash)

(the deep edge of the canvas is also painted)

(texture detail)

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