Friday, January 8

OPEN - transforming art

I have some info i forgot to share with you about the canvas. Its about the theme of this creation, what i had in mind, its message, which might escape to some or be confusing. Even though the word "OPEN" is pretty self-explanatory, but just in case ;). 
So there are 2 ways you can look at this: one is that we should always open our mind and heart at what happens around us. 
And the other one is that we should never be afraid to open new doors that lead to new worlds, to knock at doors that we want open :).
So, i hope this information helped to better evaluate my creation. Thanks everyone a lot for taking a peak at the blog and don't be afraid to (be) open :)!

Hello, dear readers!

This is the 3rd post this week, i can't believe it, i did not write this much since 2010, when i launched the blog. Btw, in February my blog will be 6 yo. I can't believe that either :D.
Now, the reason why i have a 3rd post for you this week is because i created something NEWSomething new starting from something oldWell, old is a strong word for it, it only had 3 days, but i was not that happy with it and this was bugging me. Im like this that I cant stop until im happy with the final result. 
When i said something NEW i meant it from more than this 1 point of view. It is new also because its in the style i have always wanted to use. What stopped me from doing it earlier was the lack of courage and the idea i did not have everything i needed. When, in fact, i almost had :D. I will never say i have everything i need :P. But is there any artist who does ;)?
So, this is my 1st creation in this style and im really happy with it. I really hope you will enjoy!

Read a totally different and more artistic point of view about this creation here:


 OPEN - detaliu
The door "bell" still works

 OPEN - detaliu1
Structure detail

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