Wednesday, January 6

Quadrilogy in black and white

Hello dear readers!

Today i have something new and totally different for you. It's not something I created, but this should not matter. All that matters is the way the observer (you) feels when looking at them. The artist is my husband, Magnus, and these drawings are the result of playing with leftovers from the pen sharpener. Yes, the result of sharpening the pens. Amazing, i know. 
Now, the technique has probably been used before, but what matters is the result, the way he uses the product, the motions he applies, the expression he puts in the characters' eyes...these will always create something different and impressive. 
He always had the most amazing ideas and i must confess i love to put his ideas into "practice" - my mixed media. This time the idea developed during the process, quite usual as it happens :). It all started with a waterdrop and it ended up with a quadrilogy. Which i kindly invite you to admire here. Meanwhile, just a preview, in black and white, his favourite style to take photos. We hope you enjoy:

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