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A is for Autumnal(a)

This is the first in a series of articles im starting now, and which i assume will have about 10 more articles, 1 per week. You will recognize them by the beginning of the title, which will always start with a letter of the alphabet, i.e.  "F is for Family" :). 
With art it's all about vision. And sometimes it's amazing to find out what others see in your creations.
In the creation im about to show you i wanted to portray a path in a forest surrounded by autumn :). I was inspired by a photo i found on Pinterest and, except the colours that had to be part of my creation, i was challenged by the perspective. Well, this perspective was meant to be my focal point.
I practiced for a while to obtain this perspective, did it wrong for a few times, i was amused by this at first, then annoyed obviously, then i managed :D. 
So here it is, framed, just so you can see how it would look on a wall. And when i say "framed" i mean it only halfway, because no mixed media piece of mine will have a glass over it. They are all 3D and protected with a special spray, so you risk nothing when you want to dust it off :).
I made this in October 2015 and the reason i did not post it yet is because it was included in the exhibition we had at Doispe, and i did not really have the time to take photos of any of those creations. We just exhibited them and that's all. Now that some of them are back home, i took the advantage.
Now, im so curious if you also see a bridge over lava, like a few of my friends did ;). No matter if you do it or you don't, i hope you enjoy taking a look at it:

...and here are some details for the 3D:

The lowest part of the path is made of corrugated carton

The circles are the trees in the forest

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