Wednesday, February 17

F is for Family

Im aware that the letters don't come in alphabetical order on my blog, but this is how i felt presenting these creations to you, so i hope you don't mind :).
I love poppies, maybe its not that obvious from my creations, because i dont usually like to repeat myself at all. But, now that i think about it, i actually have 2 creations with poppies, one really obvious (this one), the other one a bit more abstract (will be posted within this same series).
I must confess it took a bit of training to get these poppies as they look. I do not have any artistic training whatsoever (if you see my first drawings you will laugh your head off :))). But this with the training i think its valid for everything, so im happy with it. Except for this, everything is a challenge for me, and i love challenges, in case you did not know :D.
So, i think it's obvious why the painting is called "Familly", right? This i don't have to explain. Except for that, i do hope you like everything about it: the colour combination, the drips and drops of paint, the texture, and maybe there is something else you will find that i have not noticed myself :). 
The painting is in A3 format, it comes framed (without the glas, of course) and is protected with a special spray. 
So, without further ado, i present you the Poppy Family:

...and some texture:

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