Monday, February 8

M is for Mantra

This is the 2nd article from the collection i started to present to you last week. Meanwhile i caught a cold, and even though im sweating as im writing this article, i won't go back to bed, i've been laying way too much. This article however will be pretty short.
So, what's this one about (please excuse the angled photo)?

It has been inspired by a similar creation i found on Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest again. It's a fantastic source of inspiration for me, and i know for many many others. Only that one was more realistic regarding the background, which was painted in shades of blue. 
Me, i felt differently about the idea of finding our inner calm. This is why i made my background in shades of red. I felt we are surrounded by a multitude of intense feelings, some good, some bad, of course, and the intensity can be pretty much the hindering factor in finding our inner calm.
I admit im not 100% percent happy with how it turned out: i don't really like the way i squeezed in the "&" symbol. But im very happy with the 3D effect i obtained :):

I always went for a touchy feeling regarding paintings - i like to feel my creations from more than 1 point of view. And about this one, as much as this might disappoint you, there were no different points of view, they all saw a hurricane, as i intended, fortunately :)).

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