Wednesday, March 30

"W" stands for "Warmth" (canvas)

Good morning, everyone!

Today i have a new canvas to show you. Well, new and new - it's been done in October 2015. Meanwhile, i made a few more, but all in good time ;).
Without further ado, allow me to present you "Warmth" (25 x 30 cm). The idea with this one was to bring some colour and warmth into your life, yes yours who are looking at it right now. Into the beholder's life. It was meant to bring some extra joy into the beholder's days and life :). The background has been inspired by a tutorial i found on YT regarding the use of gelatos. I liked the idea of a mosaic and i love the warm colours, so i had to give it a try. After i was done with the background i was not 100% sure what i will do after. But before doing anything else, i had to coat the background with a layer of gel to protect the colours, 'cause the gelatos smear easily. Then i had to wait a bit for the answer, which came pretty soon anyway. A poppy. And of course it had to be white and in 3D and a bit abstract ;). And i think it turned out ok. Hope you like it too :).


 Beyond the canvas
Beyond the canvas

3D structure

Wednesday, March 23

"L" comes from "The LIGHT within"

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing well, no matter where you are :).
Today i will talk to you about "The LIGHT within" - another A3 layout inspired by a photo i found on Pinterest. The photo of a old deserted church, a lovely one. The lights are fantastic, and the leaves on the ground make such a strong impression. A photo that made me think of all the secrets such buildings hide. Im into secrets and old buildings, that much i can tell you :P.
Initially, i wanted to make it upside-down - which actually would have maybe been the normal way, if you see the blue part of the layout as the sky. But, for some reason that i can not fathom (God, such an amusing idiom, love to use it when i can :))), it did not look good. So i HAD to invert it.
Well, no matter the direction, this is one of my favourite creations. And i hope you like it too :).

 The Light within


Details (could not invert the picture)

Wednesday, March 16

"U" from "Unbroken"

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? I hope everyone of you is fine and that you have a ncie weather wherever you are. Here is a bit cold and certainly cloudy, but we are expecting the Spring, so we are optimistic ;).
This is not something i created recently, it's since October last year. It started from the photo which i loved it the instant i saw it. A broken piano. So full of meanings. Ah, the verses that "come out" of the piano are in French:

"Les notes legères de milliers de fleurs 
se lèvent de la terre 
dans le silence etonné 
de l'herbe nouvelle"

Very poetic, right? Wonderful, i would say, and im not crazy about poetry, i give you that :D. In English it would be something like this:

"The light notes of millions of flowers
rise up from the ground
in the silence that is toned down
by the spring grass".

It's one of my first stencils and i think this is the most suitable creation for it :). So far, anyway.

These 2 photos of the painting are a bit out-of-date actually, because i offered the painting to the Philharmonics Manager here in Craiova for allowing us to exhibit in the Philharmonic's hall during the Swedish Week (within the Europa Season). 
What i mean by "out-of-date" is that i removed the tiny ballerina from the bottom of the painting (i think it's more manly that way and even more so connected to the specifis of the institution he is managing :)).

I have a lot to work this whole week. I got a big translation project, technical as usual. And, by magic, it so happened that every single day until the deadline i had something planned, something that i HAD to do. I usually don't enjoy having to get out of the house when i have something big to work on, because it breaks my line of thought somehow, or rather my energy flux. I think you all know what i mean. But im a grown-up, right? So i cant transform something negative into something positive, if i want to. So i choose to welcome these breakes, and i so do it, i can promise you ;). It's mind over matter, you know.
So, today for example, i had to get out because even since January i had a scrapbooking meeting booked within a Erasmus school project with 33 kids and 7 English teachers from Italy, Poland and Romania. Yesterday i had a beauty parlour day ;), tomorrow i have a German class and on Friday noon i have to deliver the project. And that's not all, i have 3 more proofreading jobs to deliver later on Friday. But that's the way i like it, honestly. I don't like getting bored and i like being busy-busy-busy, it's a challenge for me - in the best of ways - to organise my time accordingly, so i can fit everything in and not feel tired ;).

So, i leave you with "Un-Broken" and i hope you enjoy it.


 Un-Broken detaliu
Structure detail

Wednesday, March 9

C from "Complete"

"Complete" is, i think, my very first A3 creation. Until then i only painted on A4 surfaces, but now, with my Baby's help, i got the courage to move a step further. This is how recently i actually worked on a 40x50 canvas - the furthest i went so far :).
I think it's expressing pretty much my "passion" for purple, one of my favourite colours. Which, i did not realise, but according to my friends, is the dominating colour in my creations. And now, just because of this, im trying to stay away from it :D. But you know how it is, you can't stay away for too long from what you really like :)).
Talking about the 40x50 cm canvas i worked on last, i can't wait to show it to you, because im proud to say that i stayed away from purple ;). Will present it to you as soon as possible, now its exibited at the Theatre.
Well, that's all i have to say about this one, not much, because i think i should let you feel whatever this creation makes you feel :).

 Please excuse the coins on the frame, they are there to keep a balance :)

 Complete - detaliu structura
Structure detail

Wednesday, March 2

S stands for "Simplification"

"Simplification" is how i called my take on Mondrian's style. Just FIY, Mondrian was a Dutch painter who created in a style he called "neoplasticism" - a white ground, upon which he painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors.
Well, in my creation i allowed the colours to play a bit, so they became 5 and not 100% primary :). It's not my favourite style, but i was curious to see how i would feel when creating like that. I did not feel bad at all, but in the end i felt that this style does not allow me to express myself as much as i need to :). I mean sometimes i need to be a bit abstract too, like i did here where the trees in the autumn-y forest are depicted as circles (which made some think that is lava :)), but still not to this extent. 
"What about your usual 3D dimension that is present everywhere in your creations?", you might ask. Well, i wanted to add it, but i felt i did not have where to. This style is so simple that some 3D would be very difficult to add and it would ruin its whole sense and feeling. So this one, if you want, you can frame in a normal frame (with glass and all ;)).
Now, when i look at it, i get the feeling of calm. Not bad, if i say so myself :D.
So, i leave you with Simplification :):