Wednesday, March 9

C from "Complete"

"Complete" is, i think, my very first A3 creation. Until then i only painted on A4 surfaces, but now, with my Baby's help, i got the courage to move a step further. This is how recently i actually worked on a 40x50 canvas - the furthest i went so far :).
I think it's expressing pretty much my "passion" for purple, one of my favourite colours. Which, i did not realise, but according to my friends, is the dominating colour in my creations. And now, just because of this, im trying to stay away from it :D. But you know how it is, you can't stay away for too long from what you really like :)).
Talking about the 40x50 cm canvas i worked on last, i can't wait to show it to you, because im proud to say that i stayed away from purple ;). Will present it to you as soon as possible, now its exibited at the Theatre.
Well, that's all i have to say about this one, not much, because i think i should let you feel whatever this creation makes you feel :).

 Please excuse the coins on the frame, they are there to keep a balance :)

 Complete - detaliu structura
Structure detail

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