Wednesday, March 23

"L" comes from "The LIGHT within"

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing well, no matter where you are :).
Today i will talk to you about "The LIGHT within" - another A3 layout inspired by a photo i found on Pinterest. The photo of a old deserted church, a lovely one. The lights are fantastic, and the leaves on the ground make such a strong impression. A photo that made me think of all the secrets such buildings hide. Im into secrets and old buildings, that much i can tell you :P.
Initially, i wanted to make it upside-down - which actually would have maybe been the normal way, if you see the blue part of the layout as the sky. But, for some reason that i can not fathom (God, such an amusing idiom, love to use it when i can :))), it did not look good. So i HAD to invert it.
Well, no matter the direction, this is one of my favourite creations. And i hope you like it too :).

 The Light within


Details (could not invert the picture)

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