Wednesday, March 2

S stands for "Simplification"

"Simplification" is how i called my take on Mondrian's style. Just FIY, Mondrian was a Dutch painter who created in a style he called "neoplasticism" - a white ground, upon which he painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors.
Well, in my creation i allowed the colours to play a bit, so they became 5 and not 100% primary :). It's not my favourite style, but i was curious to see how i would feel when creating like that. I did not feel bad at all, but in the end i felt that this style does not allow me to express myself as much as i need to :). I mean sometimes i need to be a bit abstract too, like i did here where the trees in the autumn-y forest are depicted as circles (which made some think that is lava :)), but still not to this extent. 
"What about your usual 3D dimension that is present everywhere in your creations?", you might ask. Well, i wanted to add it, but i felt i did not have where to. This style is so simple that some 3D would be very difficult to add and it would ruin its whole sense and feeling. So this one, if you want, you can frame in a normal frame (with glass and all ;)).
Now, when i look at it, i get the feeling of calm. Not bad, if i say so myself :D.
So, i leave you with Simplification :):

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