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"U" from "Unbroken"

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? I hope everyone of you is fine and that you have a ncie weather wherever you are. Here is a bit cold and certainly cloudy, but we are expecting the Spring, so we are optimistic ;).
This is not something i created recently, it's since October last year. It started from the photo which i loved it the instant i saw it. A broken piano. So full of meanings. Ah, the verses that "come out" of the piano are in French:

"Les notes legères de milliers de fleurs 
se lèvent de la terre 
dans le silence etonné 
de l'herbe nouvelle"

Very poetic, right? Wonderful, i would say, and im not crazy about poetry, i give you that :D. In English it would be something like this:

"The light notes of millions of flowers
rise up from the ground
in the silence that is toned down
by the spring grass".

It's one of my first stencils and i think this is the most suitable creation for it :). So far, anyway.

These 2 photos of the painting are a bit out-of-date actually, because i offered the painting to the Philharmonics Manager here in Craiova for allowing us to exhibit in the Philharmonic's hall during the Swedish Week (within the Europa Season). 
What i mean by "out-of-date" is that i removed the tiny ballerina from the bottom of the painting (i think it's more manly that way and even more so connected to the specifis of the institution he is managing :)).

I have a lot to work this whole week. I got a big translation project, technical as usual. And, by magic, it so happened that every single day until the deadline i had something planned, something that i HAD to do. I usually don't enjoy having to get out of the house when i have something big to work on, because it breaks my line of thought somehow, or rather my energy flux. I think you all know what i mean. But im a grown-up, right? So i cant transform something negative into something positive, if i want to. So i choose to welcome these breakes, and i so do it, i can promise you ;). It's mind over matter, you know.
So, today for example, i had to get out because even since January i had a scrapbooking meeting booked within a Erasmus school project with 33 kids and 7 English teachers from Italy, Poland and Romania. Yesterday i had a beauty parlour day ;), tomorrow i have a German class and on Friday noon i have to deliver the project. And that's not all, i have 3 more proofreading jobs to deliver later on Friday. But that's the way i like it, honestly. I don't like getting bored and i like being busy-busy-busy, it's a challenge for me - in the best of ways - to organise my time accordingly, so i can fit everything in and not feel tired ;).

So, i leave you with "Un-Broken" and i hope you enjoy it.


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