Monday, April 25

Our creations at the Swedish Embassy in Romania

Last December (i know, im unbelievable writing about it almost half a year later :)))), we had the honour of being invited by the Swedish Embassy in Bucharest to take part at the Santa Lucia celebration. We wanted to thank the Ambassador for the invitation and so we had the pleasure to offer her 2 of our creations, one of mine and one by Magnus. You can imagine we were over the moon when she told us she will have them hanged in her cabinet.

                         "Tasteful life" - by me                        "Lady in red" - by Magnus

More about that December day we spent in Bucharest you can read here, an article by Magnus, my talented husband, he has a way with words, i promise you, and here he's not even trying.

It was a delight listening to the choir singing in Swedish, which is not easy at all, i give you that, especially when you are not a Swede, them being Romanian students. I leave you with one of the few photos my husband managed to take that evening:

Wednesday, April 20

Love conquers all (steampunk canvas)

Hello everyone!

Today im back with my newest canvas, and this is really new, not from 2015 :D. No, "Love conquers all" has been finished not earlier than April 2016 ;). There is not so much i can say about it, more than the title. Well, maybe i can give you some technical details and tell you that the background is first covered with pieces of paper (randomly torn), over which i applied gesso and then copper paint; then with black gesso, a sponge and a stencil i painted the cogs and wheels, the 3D cogs are in mdf and painted with blue metallic paint (one of my top favourite). The heart is in polyester, covered in manilla thread and then paint.
There is one other creation i have in mind, only i did not get the mood to start yet, so wish me luck, i want to do it rather sooner than later ;).
So now i will let you take a look at my latest one from your own perspective. I hope you like it:
 Love conquers all

Love conquers all


Wednesday, April 13

FOCUS on the canvas (50x40)

Hello eveyone! It feels like a long time since i posted last, but that is maybe because it was a full week. 
We had some lovely weather last week, after a long winter and a capricious spring (with lots of rain). And when i say lovely i mean something about 25-30 degrees Celsius. Our old bones welcomed the heat, i give you that :)).
Talking about heat, i think about it when i see the intense colours (i applied those paints with my fingers, lovely feeling) on this canvas. Which, theme-wise, has nothing to do with the temperatures. No. As the title says it, its called "Focus" and the idea behind was this: when one focuses on finding information, one has to sometimes "spy". But this matters less. All that matters is that once you find the right information, the questions (the question mark to the right) are left behind, and the answers (the light bulb to the left) enter your life.
No need to talk now about the necessity of spying to find the right information, or that the answers you find might not be the ones you were hoping for. All that matters is the you find the right answers, because that, in itself, sets you free (the butterfly in the right corner).
I really hope you like it :).


 structure detail        low

 answers        low

Wednesday, April 6

"L" stands for "Life"

Hello everyone!

Im back with the last creation in the Alphabet series. It's called Life and its totally abstract. It's pretty much painted with the fingers, which is a lovely sensation, i promise you. It's not so much i will tell you about it, i think i should let you assimilate it in your own way. But i hope you will like it and get a good feeling from it, because this is one of the goals with my creations - to bring extra-joy in the beholder's day-to-day life :).


Detail on colours

Structure detail