miercuri, aprilie 13

FOCUS on the canvas (50x40)

Hello eveyone! It feels like a long time since i posted last, but that is maybe because it was a full week. 
We had some lovely weather last week, after a long winter and a capricious spring (with lots of rain). And when i say lovely i mean something about 25-30 degrees Celsius. Our old bones welcomed the heat, i give you that :)).
Talking about heat, i think about it when i see the intense colours (i applied those paints with my fingers, lovely feeling) on this canvas. Which, theme-wise, has nothing to do with the temperatures. No. As the title says it, its called "Focus" and the idea behind was this: when one focuses on finding information, one has to sometimes "spy". But this matters less. All that matters is that once you find the right information, the questions (the question mark to the right) are left behind, and the answers (the light bulb to the left) enter your life.
No need to talk now about the necessity of spying to find the right information, or that the answers you find might not be the ones you were hoping for. All that matters is the you find the right answers, because that, in itself, sets you free (the butterfly in the right corner).
I really hope you like it :).


 structure detail        low

 answers        low

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