miercuri, aprilie 20

Love conquers all (steampunk canvas)

Hello everyone!

Today im back with my newest canvas, and this is really new, not from 2015 :D. No, "Love conquers all" has been finished not earlier than April 2016 ;). There is not so much i can say about it, more than the title. Well, maybe i can give you some technical details and tell you that the background is first covered with pieces of paper (randomly torn), over which i applied gesso and then copper paint; then with black gesso, a sponge and a stencil i painted the cogs and wheels, the 3D cogs are in mdf and painted with blue metallic paint (one of my top favourite). The heart is in polyester, covered in manilla thread and then paint.
There is one other creation i have in mind, only i did not get the mood to start yet, so wish me luck, i want to do it rather sooner than later ;).
So now i will let you take a look at my latest one from your own perspective. I hope you like it:
 Love conquers all

Love conquers all


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