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Our creations at the Swedish Embassy in Romania

Last December (i know, im unbelievable writing about it almost half a year later :)))), we had the honour of being invited by the Swedish Embassy in Bucharest to take part at the Santa Lucia celebration. We wanted to thank the Ambassador for the invitation and so we had the pleasure to offer her 2 of our creations, one of mine and one by Magnus. You can imagine we were over the moon when she told us she will have them hanged in her cabinet.

                         "Tasteful life" - by me                        "Lady in red" - by Magnus

More about that December day we spent in Bucharest you can read here, an article by Magnus, my talented husband, he has a way with words, i promise you, and here he's not even trying.

It was a delight listening to the choir singing in Swedish, which is not easy at all, i give you that, especially when you are not a Swede, them being Romanian students. I leave you with one of the few photos my husband managed to take that evening:

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