Friday, May 6

Italy, Poland and Romania scrapbook together

Hello everyone!

It feels like i have not written in a long time, with the Easter holiday and all that. I was so busy those days that i even forgot to send the invoices to my clients. Luckily, they accepted them 2 days later.
Today i come to you with another old project, since March this time. Somewhere in January Luiza from Tradem, where i had my workshops, called me and asked if i could teach some youngsters scrapbooking. How could i ever say "no" to that? I was happy to. Going into the details, i found out that i was to show some kids - about 32 of them with ages from 9 to 17, from Italy, Poland and Romania - what scrapbooking is and help them create their first album page. Why so many kids from 3 different countries? Well, they were all involved in a Erasmus project that involved highschools from these 3 countries. The project's main idea was "non-formal learning" - exactly what scrapbooking does. 
I was delighted to be among so many kids, with their positive energy and happiness. Even though it was a cold grey day, i felt great just because i was among them, eben though  knew none of them, of course. We spent 3 hours together and i was very happy to see that some of them asked for details, because they wanted to get started with scrapbooking when they got home. There is no greater joy for me than sharing my passion and inspiring others - especially young people - to start on their own.
I did not have the time to take any photos, these 3 are from them:


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