Friday, September 16

Extrase de la Expozitia GAM no. 2

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

First off, i have some news regarding my webshop: it has changed address. Yes. Due to the fact that my current host downgraded their services (took away their selling option transforming all the shops into simple presentation catalogues), i had to move the shop and i had to choose WordPress. Which is totally new to me, but i had to, because it turned out to be the best free platform for webshops. Amazingly actually. So, this is what im doing now, transfering all my info there. And no, it can be done by export-import, only by copy-paste.
Except for that, I know it's a long time since i posted last, but, as it happens, i had a reason: not so much the lack of time, rather the lack of mojo (read "inspiration" :D) which, of course, led to a lack of creations.
However, when our vacation started and our friend Klasse joined us, him and Magnus started creating like crazy. Which inspired me too. I was almost ashamed to just look at them and admire their lovely creations, but luckily my fingers got itchy and so i started creating too. Suddenly, Magnus came up with the idea of having another exhibition and that put even more pressure on me - i usually don't work well under pressure, but it seems i get creative under pressure. Strange :D!
Anyway, on the 8th of September 2016 we had the 2nd GAM exhbition (GAM = Guerilla Art Movement). It was full house, we loved it and hope everyone felt nice. Here are some photos and here you will find even more.

I will get back soon with an article about one of my newest creations. So stay close ;)!
Until then, have a lovely time!

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