Wednesday, October 26

Timeless - break the limits of time

Hello everyone,

Im back after a while, again. Hope you enjoy the autumn...i can't say that i really do, this yea the autumn has been a bit grey at us :P. But i enjoy it anyway. And my secret is that i get out - it's much nicer than looking out from behind the window.
I have even created something, a canvas that i started in September and did not like how it turned out. I let it be there for like 3 weeks or so, gathering inspiration and energy to start anew and i did it. But the pot today is not about that. The post today is about "Timeless", a canvas-clock that i finished in the beginning of September, had it exhibited at our 2nd private exhibition and sold it already.
If you like it and want your own canvas-clock, this can be done in other color-schemes and/or sizes, depending on what you need and want. So here it is: