Tuesday, December 20

Toccata for the Unknown

Hello everyone!

LATER EDITNow the book can be found on Amazon, and soon also as a paperback (in 1-3 days). Paperback will cost 5.95 $ + VAT + shipping. More information will come.


Im very happy to be back here, especially with good news such as these. Good and original news, because this is something completely different and unexpected, having nothing to do with what I usually do, I tell you. 
Good news I say as - drums rollllllll 😂 - I'm so happy to announce that my dear husband published his first book, a novel. It's something he's been working at in the last months and is called exactly like this "Toccata for the Unknown", a psychological novel.

The book is to be found on the major book sites - like Smashwords, Goodreads, Barnes&Nobles etc - and can be bought for 3,45 USDIf you are quick enough, you can download it for free as well. He will appreciate your reviews, of course.

Follow Tim, a writer looking for inspiration, as he stumbles upon the strangest place in town, a place with no name, which he calls The Restaurant. In there he finally finds the inspiration he was looking for, or so he thought. The Restaurant attracts him like a magnet, he invites his friends, but they are never let in, it’s only open for him. In the end, he must find the answer to the question “What is this place and why can't I remember my past?”.