Tuesday, February 28

Love on Earth - 40x30 cm canvas - SOLD

Hello, dear fiends!

Im back on this last day of February, to make sure I mark the end of the month and the spring's arrival. As some of you probably know, February is also known as the Month of Love. 
On this theme I wanted to create something, a canvas or something, just not something too romantic, but rather ...i don't know, but not romantic. And by this I don't mean "anything BUT romantic", no. 
While I started "playing" I got more and more in a philosophical mood. And the main idea of these thoughts was that of an universal love. I guess you all know what I mean by that, so I won't get into details and I will just present you with the result (I apologies for the photos, they don't make it justice) - on a board canvas that measures 40 x 30 cm:

Welcome March!

Saturday, February 11

Nothing says LOVE like a skull

Hello everyone!

I can't believe im back so soon, i mean it's not even 2 weeks since my last post, did not expect to create so soon again. Of course im happy and over the moon as they say. And the reason why im back so soon is because of Valentine's Day and a creation i made at my baby's suggestion: involving death/skulls and the sort. 
He thinks less is more. Even so he supported me in trying to achieve what i wanted this to look like: it was supposed to have a top hat and wings and all should have been done in steampunk style. Well, we managed the hat, but the wings just did not want to stick. Wonder why :P. 
Next we moved to some crossed-keys sign and some cogwheels, to keep the style. Well, long story short: we gave it all up, because he loved it much more like this. And i was only happy to comply ;). 
What do you think: wouldn't you love to get such a gift for Valentine's Day ;)?
Well, without any further ado, here it is:

Wednesday, February 1

ART is back!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year again ;)!

Now that the special offer for the Swedish courses expired (yesterday), im happy to be back with some art 😤.
I have been away and did not create much since my last canvas. I was not inspired at all, but that did not stop my fingers from itching. 
However it seems that is not enough: i allowed my itchy fingers to take control, but they were up to no good. And not only once, but twice! I had a set of 4 canvases of 80x40 cm and when i bought them i had a specific idea. As soon as i started working, i realized that idea won't become reality. Gesso-ed it over and started again, with the same idea :)). I don't quit easily, no. 
Luckily though i got the feeling that i wanted to do something totally different and not only that, but i was in the mood for something wintery. And there is a small story to this too. Because last year, also in January, i wanted to do a wintery canvas and did not manage, ended up doing something totally different. Well, basically because i did not like the result. And the final result was a very beloved creation of mine, one that represents me a lot.
It seems i love winter a lot, especially Christmas, because that feeling came back this year and haunted me. With a good result this time. The canvas is called "Christmas wonder" and has 80x40 cm. I hope you will like it as much as i enjoyed working on it. Can you guess what is the wonder :)?