marți, februarie 28

Love on Earth - 40x30 cm canvas - SOLD

Hello, dear fiends!

Im back on this last day of February, to make sure I mark the end of the month and the spring's arrival. As some of you probably know, February is also known as the Month of Love. 
On this theme I wanted to create something, a canvas or something, just not something too romantic, but rather ...i don't know, but not romantic. And by this I don't mean "anything BUT romantic", no. 
While I started "playing" I got more and more in a philosophical mood. And the main idea of these thoughts was that of an universal love. I guess you all know what I mean by that, so I won't get into details and I will just present you with the result (I apologies for the photos, they don't make it justice) - on a board canvas that measures 40 x 30 cm:

Welcome March!

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