Saturday, February 11

Nothing says LOVE like a skull

Hello everyone!

I can't believe im back so soon, i mean it's not even 2 weeks since my last post, did not expect to create so soon again. Of course im happy and over the moon as they say. And the reason why im back so soon is because of Valentine's Day and a creation i made at my baby's suggestion: involving death/skulls and the sort. 
He thinks less is more. Even so he supported me in trying to achieve what i wanted this to look like: it was supposed to have a top hat and wings and all should have been done in steampunk style. Well, we managed the hat, but the wings just did not want to stick. Wonder why :P. 
Next we moved to some crossed-keys sign and some cogwheels, to keep the style. Well, long story short: we gave it all up, because he loved it much more like this. And i was only happy to comply ;). 
What do you think: wouldn't you love to get such a gift for Valentine's Day ;)?
Well, without any further ado, here it is:

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