Wednesday, February 1

ART is back!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year again ;)!

Now that the special offer for the Swedish courses expired (yesterday), im happy to be back with some art 😤.
I have been away and did not create much since my last canvas. I was not inspired at all, but that did not stop my fingers from itching. 
However it seems that is not enough: i allowed my itchy fingers to take control, but they were up to no good. And not only once, but twice! I had a set of 4 canvases of 80x40 cm and when i bought them i had a specific idea. As soon as i started working, i realized that idea won't become reality. Gesso-ed it over and started again, with the same idea :)). I don't quit easily, no. 
Luckily though i got the feeling that i wanted to do something totally different and not only that, but i was in the mood for something wintery. And there is a small story to this too. Because last year, also in January, i wanted to do a wintery canvas and did not manage, ended up doing something totally different. Well, basically because i did not like the result. And the final result was a very beloved creation of mine, one that represents me a lot.
It seems i love winter a lot, especially Christmas, because that feeling came back this year and haunted me. With a good result this time. The canvas is called "Christmas wonder" and has 80x40 cm. I hope you will like it as much as i enjoyed working on it. Can you guess what is the wonder :)?

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