Sunday, June 25

The Sea Queen - mixed media card

Hello everyone!

It's such a long time since my last post, that im really ashamed, really. I can only come up with the usual excuse, that we had it really busy. Just to detail a bit: we have been to Rome in the beginning of May, then as soon as we got back home i got a huge translation project - the coolest i ever had ;) - that kept me busy until a week ago. And then some more work. 
If it was not for this birthday party of a friend of mine, who really wanted a mixed media card made by me, i don't know when i would have created anything. She actually wanted a card last year as well, and i felt so bad because we were renovating our apartment then and everything was out of its place and so i could not access anything. But now i took my revenge, because she loved this one.
It seems to me that i create best when under time pressure. Which is amazing, because the muse does not usually come when you need it. But for me it came everytime i needed her: last year when we had a collective private exhibition, 2 years ago when we had an exhibition in Doispe. Now with Loreta's party. So....not bad ;).
Well, i won't ramble any more and i present you with the Sea Queen. The shells are real, just the ornament under the middle shell and the crown over it are in cardstock and wood. The card is square and measures 25x25 cm.
I did not manage to take many photos, again because of lack of time. But this one is good enough, i think:

...and here it is in Loreta's home:

Until next time, i wish you all a lovely cool summer!