Tuesday, October 31

Scrap Encounters de gradul I ;)

O fi el astazi Halloween-ul si eu o mare amatoare a lui, dar anul asta se pare ca ma cam sare starea respectiva. Sau, ma rog, se amana pana in weekend :D. N-as sti sa explic de ce, dar e cu voia mea :P. In orice caz, sunt multumita ca, desi o zi intreaga nu am avut internet, din cauza unei caderi de curent, nu am ratat mare lucru online. Din contra, am avut un weekend foarte plin in offline si asta imi ofera o senzatie de implinire. Cred ca stiti cum e. Aveam un chef nebun de scrapbooking si voiam sa mai "fortez" pe cineva in chestia asta. Asa ca am chemat pe la noi 2 prietene care nu ne mai vizitasera de un timp si am creat impreuna. Am stabilit ca ele vor sa creeze pe tema toamnei, si-au ales colile imprimate in consecinta. Eu, desi voiam sa urmez aceeasi tema, am ajuns la concluzia ca vreau sa creez o pagina cu calatoria noastra la Roma din primavara asta. Si asa am facut. Am gasit 2 coli imprimate perfecte - ideale, chiar - si am pornit "la treaba".  Si cum exact paginile de album nu stiu ce au ca se inverseaza cand le integrez in articol, o sa le integrez din FB, desi intre timp au mai suferit mici modificari (gen specificarea locatiei fiecarei poze):

💖 Colaj by Xaara

Mi-as dori sa organizam mai des astfel de Scrap Encounters cu prietenii nostri care au chef de petrecut cateva ore creative la un pahar de vin, o cana de ciocolata calda/cafea etc. 
Principiul e urmatorul: noi oferim materialele specifice scrapbook, voi alegeti tema, noi ne conformam ;). Daca vreti sa faceti altceva decat scrapbook, sunteti incurajati sa aduceti macar instrumentele specifice. Ne intalnim ca sa  cream si sa ne recream ;). Dati-ne de stire cand vreti sa ne vedem la o astfel de intalnire si noi va asteptam cu drag.

Pana atunci, Spooky Halloween tuturor! 
Sa va dea cineva o sperietura care sa va faca sa radeti din tot sufletul ;)!

Monday, October 23

Boo - Halloween is soon

Hello friends!

I was a bit proud thinking it's not long since my last post, but i was in the wrong :)). Well, i don't have much to tell you, just to show these 2 pages i made for Halloween and 1 coloring page for adults. Yes, i fell into this while coloring the pumpkins for the Halloween page. No one can say now that imagination doesn't work in mysterious ways, right :D?!
Truth be told, i had this in mind for some time now, the coloring books for adults that is. But it seems i was meant to at least try it. Otherwise i can't explain how i got into the mood to color just from coloring pumpkins :P.
I do hope you like this Halloween page. And until my next post, i wish you all a lovely Halloween ;)!

Sorry for the inverted image 

Do you like my 1st coloring page :)? 
I can tell you, it's so relaxing, its totally worth it spending some 30 minutes coloring some, whenever you feel like it.

And this is the 1st Halloween journal page i tried making, but i was not so happy with how it turned out, honestly.

See you later!

Monday, October 9

High Hemispheres - the perfect circle

Hello everyone!

October is here, would you even believe it? I can't believe how quickly this year flew by. But it does not matter, right? All that it matters is that we "live in a world that has Octobers" as some famous author used to say. And i have to say i agree. Of course, not 100%. I mean not when October is all dull, grey and rainy. No! But when it's sunny and crisp and you can smell the wet leaves fallen on the ground. Then i can. Do you like October?

Getting back to what's "on the wall", here is my latest creation made especially for our exhibition last month. I had the nice surprise to find out that it was among the favourites for many of the visitors. Maybe because it expresses the idea of a couple, which seems to be at the heart of many nowadays. And without going into any details, i think we all know why.
Anyway, that is what i also had in mind when i created it: the idea of the couple, perfect harmony, yin and yang and...you got it ;). And i guess now that i helped you a little bit, you will guess right away which is the yin and which is the yang :).

"Yin and Yang"

Some detail

...and this is what all started from, a child's play

I hope you feel at peace when you look at this one, this was my idea anyway...and this is why now it's hanging in our bedroom :).
I wish you all a lovely week and autumn!