Monday, October 23

Boo - Halloween is soon

Hello friends!

I was a bit proud thinking it's not long since my last post, but i was in the wrong :)). Well, i don't have much to tell you, just to show these 2 pages i made for Halloween and 1 coloring page for adults. Yes, i fell into this while coloring the pumpkins for the Halloween page. No one can say now that imagination doesn't work in mysterious ways, right :D?!
Truth be told, i had this in mind for some time now, the coloring books for adults that is. But it seems i was meant to at least try it. Otherwise i can't explain how i got into the mood to color just from coloring pumpkins :P.
I do hope you like this Halloween page. And until my next post, i wish you all a lovely Halloween ;)!

Sorry for the inverted image 

Do you like my 1st coloring page :)? 
I can tell you, it's so relaxing, its totally worth it spending some 30 minutes coloring some, whenever you feel like it.

And this is the 1st Halloween journal page i tried making, but i was not so happy with how it turned out, honestly.

See you later!

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