luni, octombrie 9

High Hemispheres - the perfect circle

Hello everyone!

October is here, would you even believe it? I can't believe how quickly this year flew by. But it does not matter, right? All that it matters is that we "live in a world that has Octobers" as some famous author used to say. And i have to say i agree. Of course, not 100%. I mean not when October is all dull, grey and rainy. No! But when it's sunny and crisp and you can smell the wet leaves fallen on the ground. Then i can. Do you like October?

Getting back to what's "on the wall", here is my latest creation made especially for our exhibition last month. I had the nice surprise to find out that it was among the favourites for many of the visitors. Maybe because it expresses the idea of a couple, which seems to be at the heart of many nowadays. And without going into any details, i think we all know why.
Anyway, that is what i also had in mind when i created it: the idea of the couple, perfect harmony, yin and yang got it ;). And i guess now that i helped you a little bit, you will guess right away which is the yin and which is the yang :).

"Yin and Yang"

Some detail

...and this is what all started from, a child's play

I hope you feel at peace when you look at this one, this was my idea anyway...and this is why now it's hanging in our bedroom :).
I wish you all a lovely week and autumn!

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