Thursday, December 7

Black&White album for HIM - demo

Hello everyone,

Time for an article in English again. And what a coincidence, this is my 500th article on the blog! Wow! I blog since 2010, it's not that much - 500 articles - when i think about it :D.
Anyway, its December, as we all feel it i think, and the time seems shorter than it usually does. Between jobs and shopping and all the other small things one has to do, i feel i need to create as well, even though it's not always easy. I feel more in the mood to create scrapbooking than mixed media these days and so i did and will do until it ends :P. 
I created a flip album for my high-school principal who i met on Instagram, the only social media channel where she exists :). I will post the album after i will offer it to her, just to make sure ;).
I made a cover with 6 pockets for a notepad i bought from Lidl, and that did not have a cover. Perfect opportunity ;).
And now im working on a travelogue made of vertical envelopes (adapted to look like paper bags, as in the original "recipe" ;)). It will be about our trip to Rome, in May this year. Can't wait to finish it. I still have to do the last page and the cover. But i need to print more papers for these.
Anyway, like i said, recently i made myself an account on Instagram - see the footer of the blog. More at my friends' recommendations: "you have to have an account for all your creations". So in the end i did it. And so yesterday i posted an album i made some years ago for Magnus, again, at his request. And all this because im lazy, i dont like to edit the movies, this is why i hesitate to post movies. This one ends a bit before its "natural end" because i had to shorten it to under 1 min. It had 1.20 min. But you don't loose much.
Hope you like it.

I wish you all lovely winter days ahead, where you feel cozy and relaxed!

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