sâmbătă, decembrie 16

MY LEFT HAND - Poem of the Week by JMS (3)


My left hand is not for writing
it is not for fighting
shaking in anger
pushing a point
my left hand is for none of that.

My left hand is never angry
it is my conscious
that never shake
rather pats a needing back
strokes a cheek - or linger on a table
a hand that is – unassuming.

is all that my right hand is not
and yet I could not live without it either
among all its faults and trepidations
its passionate anger is needed
if, for nothing else, to hit the monsters
lingering under my bed.

It is lucky we get them in pairs
and not sold as separate items
I would miss my left hand
if it was left out in the cold somewhere
my left hand is my conscious
as such I keep it – close at hand.

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