Sunday, January 28

Not so mini-album - teaser

Hello again, everyone!

Did not think i would come back so soon. But since im planning to get active on Youtube and to post something every Tuesday/Wednesday, today i had to film what i was planning to post next week :). Well, like every beginner, my movie was a bit out of focus, and if it's annoying for me i was sure it would have been more than annoying for everyone else :). So i wanted to start all over, only to notice that the camera battery ran out :). So now, while it's charging, i take the opportunity to tease you a little bit with this new album, that i can proudly declare to be my own design 😍. 
It's made of vertical envelopes and it's not ready yet, i've only matted 2 pages and i don't know yet if the album will have 4 or 6 pages. My albums usually have 6, but i was considering 4 pages for this one, just for a change ;). It's very simple and easy to make and it can include about 18 pics per page, both normal and bigger sizes. Which ain't bad at all, if i say so myself ;). I really hope that once it's up on Youtube you will like it as much i as do and give it a go. Well, enough with the talking, let's let the photos speak:

See you really soon. Let's have an easy Monday ;)!

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