Tuesday, February 27

Buy art for the (sick) children

Hello, everyone!

Im still having the cold, the doctor confirmed that it's not the flu luckily, and i feel a tiny-bit better, so i will take advantage to write a new post, since i actually have an interesting subject as well.
Some time ago, not too long, i read that 40 is the age when you naturally feel the need to help the ones in need and to volunteer. I was wondering if it's generally valid and who are the lucky ones that feel this need :). Because i think one is lucky to feel the need to help, to have the inner resources to give to others and not expect anything back, to give his/her time, talent, abilities and even financial resources and be happy to do it. That is luck and happiness!
Joy to the World, 70x50 cm canvas

 And while we would appreciate an even more hands-on approach, where we would feel that we directly impact the life of someone in need, we were happy when we discovered a charity shop that supports the public health system and the kids with cancer. And so each of us gave 2 of our own works, which are now up for auction. The start price is 100 lei for each.

Love on Earth, 40x30 cm, board canvas

and here are Magnus's works:
The Crazy cat - 20x20 cm canvas

The Moon - A3 on canvas, framed

So, should you feel the need to help the kids in need and get your hands on some nice and original works of art, don't hesitate to bid with a comment under any of the work you like. The auction is open until the 9th of March. Good luck and enjoy the feeling of helping some!

Friday, February 23

Time Out...for now

Hello everyone!

Im back, but with not such good news! I've got the flu and i had to cancel the events that were supposed to take place today and tomorrow. And im so very sorry really, because tomorrow at least i was supposed to show some scrapbooking to 70 kids or so, members of the local Scouts organization. On the 22nd of February it's the International Day of the Scouts and we were supposed to celebrate it by creating scrapbooking pages with photos from 1994, when the local organization has been set up, until now. It would have been so interesting and im so sorry i missed it. 
Also, today me and the gurls were supposed to meet for another ReCreative Meeting and we should have created cards for 8th of March. So...yeah, i missed on much. But i do hope we will be able to recuperate soon. And i want to thank everyone for their understanding.
The truth is that in the last 14 days or so i've been in touch with so many people having either the cold or the flu, that it's incredible i did not catch it until now. Only it could have chosen a better moment when i did not have so many nice events to attend :). I need to have a talk with Mr/Mrs Flu.
Until my next post, i wish all you a lovely weekend!

GET GOING - Poem of the Week by JMS (11)


Got to get moving
eyes pried close
got to get going.

Watching diffused shapes
got to get going
the eye-lids scrapes open.

A stinging light-pose
got to get moving
I must avoid the dispose.

Got to get going
or it just slowing
got to get moving.

Tuesday, February 20

Center step card tutorial (video)

Hello, crafty peeps!

It's Tuesday and so it's time for a new tutorial from me. Today it's a tutorial about the center step card. I remember first time when i saw a center step card i thought it will be complicted to make it. After i did it myself, i realised that this is one of the simplest designs with a  great result. You only need to cut 2 lines and score&fold 4 lines. This is why admire designers so much, these people who come up with such ideas, who have the patience to play with the paper and the talent to see in perspective.
This is how such a card looks like:
"Spring again" it's the sentiment on my card
...and this is how it's done:

I will be back soon enough, i think. On Friday we have another ReCreative Meeting, where we will make cards for Women's Day. So i will get back to you in the weekend with the results from the meeting. Until then, take care and have fun!

Sunday, February 18

Back from the Nordic Film Festival

Hello crafty and movie-watching peeps!

I've been away and i forgot to let you all know beforehand, sorry for that. But now im back with a different kind of blogpost. So we've been to the Nordic Film Festival in Bucharest. It was organised by the Embassies/Consulates of the 5 nordic countries and here's the agenda of the whole period.
It started with a cocktail party where I had the opportunity to listen and talk some Swedish with a couple of Swedes who teach Swedish at the University in Bucharest. It was a lovely experience, especially for Magnus who finally had the opportunity to talk in his native language with some real Swedes :).
Then we watched a selection of short-movies from all the 5 nordic countries. We wanted to watch more movies on Friday, but we got distracted by the Old Town, which we always visit when we are in Bucharest.
There we went to the Rembrandt art shops to get ourselves some more art supplies, and there we started a conversation with the young woman working there, an artist herself, and so time flew by like there was no tomorrow ;). 
In the evening we met Mihai, our friend from the Swedish Embassy, whom we had the opportunity to get to know better. Another lovely experience. On Saturday we had to leave, and so our plan to watch a lot of nordic movies was foiled by art and interesting conversations. What nicer way to disrupt a nice plan ;)?
Now moving on to the next week, it looks full to me: on Tuesday i should post a tutorial on Youtube and i have not planned anything yet, let alone filming. On Friday we will have another ReCreative Meeting, where we will create cards for Women's Day and on Saturday i will teach the kids in the local scouts organisation to create a scrapbook layout. It will be extremely interesting and im very looking forward to this.
So this is me for now. Will get back to you on Tuesday i guess, with the new tutorial :). 
Until then, take care and enjoy yourselves!

Saturday, February 17

NETWORKING - Poem of the Week by JMS (10)


Like a fisherman
I gaze out over a stormy sea of faces
the net slips out of my hands
catching raised wine glasses
trawling through a hard floor sea
of hand shakes and “You don't say”
a networking frenzy
of people searching for nets
in a sea of faces.

Tuesday, February 13

Double easel card tutorial (video)

Hello crafty peeps!

Im back! It's Tuesday so here i am with a new Youtube tutorial! It's a double easel card i made for a young couple and i left the front panels free so they can put their own photos. 

It's very simple to make, basically the same procedure as for the classic easel card, with only one exception: the cut on the middle line. But i think i better let you watch the video:

I hope you will give a go. Im sure you will like it a lot ;)!
Please leave your questions and suggestions in the comment box under the video, should you have any. And don't hesitate to show some love by hitting the SUBSCRIBE button. Thank you!!!

See you soon!

Saturday, February 10

FEBRUARY - Poem of the Week by JMS (9)


Fuck you all

you complaining sons of bitches

I work my ass off for spring

fighting of that god damn winter

while you whine

you just make me bitter!

Give me some credit

as I work for a living

spring is on me

summer too

and all I want

is a fucking


Friday, February 9

Love...for poetry...is all around

Remember this event where we were supposed to create cards/LOs for our loved ones? Well, this is what happens when creative spirits meet: they don't always respect rules. More to the point, they were so tired after their job, and others were having a cold, that no one was in the mood to actually craft anything. 
But don't you worry, we had Magnus, the guy who you can always trust to come up with some cool ideas ;). And so 2 of the 3 talented poetry writers of our group (this author is not included) competed and, under the pressure of time, wrote some short poetry. Here they are at work:

...and here is their work: 1st image is Xaara's and 2nd Magnus:
After that, we played some games and soon after our guests left, cause they were tired. It was a lovely relaxing evening. However, we moved our events' day to Saturday, so no one feels the pressure of a workday. 
Have a nice weekend, you all!

Saturday, February 3

SOCIAL - Poem of the Week by JMS (8)


We are a herd
socialized into platforms
where we conform
to the social norms
without taking notice
just collecting
clicks and acquaintances
we call them friends
they call us assets
as the platforms
gather intelligence
know it all
and then they sell some more.

Friday, February 2

I AM...the 1st card of 2018

Hello everyone!

Im back again, with the 1st card of 2018. I don't often create cards, they never been my specialty, i love creating minialbums instead. And LOs, even though i have not created many of those either lately. 
Anyways, this is a birthday card for a friend of mine and it's made using the paper from I AM collection from Simple Stories, the most beautiful paper collection i've seen lately. It's so feminine and so versatile, so happy and optimistic. So much so that right now im at the 3rd project with this paper collection - love it too much, that's all im saying :). 

The 1st project with this collection is the easel-album, for which there is a tutorial on Youtube as well.
The card is the 2nd one and the 3rd one is the BIG envelope album that im still working on, but for which i already put up a tutorial. I will of course get back with a walk-throu video when it's done. I have one more page and the covers. But please go ahead and start your own BIG envelope album and see for yourself how easy it is to make. I have written down the measurements, both in the blogpost and in the description box on Youtube, but they are adaptable: the tags, the inserts and the flaps especially - you can adapt their sizes to make sure you save as much paper as possible, for example ;). I did not do that, but i will try next time, because im an eco-scrapper ;).
If you like what you see on my very young Youtube channel, please show some love by Subscribing! Thanks a lot!
See you soon, but until then have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, February 1

Love is all around / Romance is overrated

This is the name of the next (Re)creative Meeting we will be hosting on the 8th of February and everyone is welcome to create in as different styles as possible on this so generous theme. Especially since in Romania we have our very own Valentine - it's called Dragobete - the word comes from "dragoste" which means "love". I for one am very curious about the less romantic approaches.
Photo credit: Google

This is why everyday i will post cards made by other artists all over the world - one of each: the classical romantic and sweet style, and one in the not-so-sweet style ;). I know for sure that this is the style i prefer. Don't know when i became like that, probably since last year when Magnus asked me to paint him a skull for Valentine's Day. I was a bit amazed, you can imagine, but one can only want to make their partner happy, at least for Valentine's Day, so i made a skull painting, which he loves to bits. I said "Ok, but we don't hang this in our bedroom":
I'll be seeing you soon, i hope. Until then, have a creative time!