Tuesday, February 27

Buy art for the (sick) children

Hello, everyone!

Im still having the cold, the doctor confirmed that it's not the flu luckily, and i feel a tiny-bit better, so i will take advantage to write a new post, since i actually have an interesting subject as well.
Some time ago, not too long, i read that 40 is the age when you naturally feel the need to help the ones in need and to volunteer. I was wondering if it's generally valid and who are the lucky ones that feel this need :). Because i think one is lucky to feel the need to help, to have the inner resources to give to others and not expect anything back, to give his/her time, talent, abilities and even financial resources and be happy to do it. That is luck and happiness!
Joy to the World, 70x50 cm canvas

 And while we would appreciate an even more hands-on approach, where we would feel that we directly impact the life of someone in need, we were happy when we discovered a charity shop that supports the public health system and the kids with cancer. And so each of us gave 2 of our own works, which are now up for auction. The start price is 100 lei for each.

Love on Earth, 40x30 cm, board canvas

and here are Magnus's works:
The Crazy cat - 20x20 cm canvas

The Moon - A3 on canvas, framed

So, should you feel the need to help the kids in need and get your hands on some nice and original works of art, don't hesitate to bid with a comment under any of the work you like. The auction is open until the 9th of March. Good luck and enjoy the feeling of helping some!

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