marți, februarie 20

Center step card tutorial (video)

Hello, crafty peeps!

It's Tuesday and so it's time for a new tutorial from me. Today it's a tutorial about the center step card. I remember first time when i saw a center step card i thought it will be complicted to make it. After i did it myself, i realised that this is one of the simplest designs with a  great result. You only need to cut 2 lines and score&fold 4 lines. This is why admire designers so much, these people who come up with such ideas, who have the patience to play with the paper and the talent to see in perspective.
This is how such a card looks like:
"Spring again" it's the sentiment on my card
...and this is how it's done:

I will be back soon enough, i think. On Friday we have another ReCreative Meeting, where we will make cards for Women's Day. So i will get back to you in the weekend with the results from the meeting. Until then, take care and have fun!

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