Thursday, February 1

Love is all around / Romance is overrated

This is the name of the next (Re)creative Meeting we will be hosting on the 8th of February and everyone is welcome to create in as different styles as possible on this so generous theme. Especially since in Romania we have our very own Valentine - it's called Dragobete - the word comes from "dragoste" which means "love". I for one am very curious about the less romantic approaches.
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This is why everyday i will post cards made by other artists all over the world - one of each: the classical romantic and sweet style, and one in the not-so-sweet style ;). I know for sure that this is the style i prefer. Don't know when i became like that, probably since last year when Magnus asked me to paint him a skull for Valentine's Day. I was a bit amazed, you can imagine, but one can only want to make their partner happy, at least for Valentine's Day, so i made a skull painting, which he loves to bits. I said "Ok, but we don't hang this in our bedroom":
I'll be seeing you soon, i hope. Until then, have a creative time! 

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