vineri, februarie 9

Love...for all around

Remember this event where we were supposed to create cards/LOs for our loved ones? Well, this is what happens when creative spirits meet: they don't always respect rules. More to the point, they were so tired after their job, and others were having a cold, that no one was in the mood to actually craft anything. 
But don't you worry, we had Magnus, the guy who you can always trust to come up with some cool ideas ;). And so 2 of the 3 talented poetry writers of our group (this author is not included) competed and, under the pressure of time, wrote some short poetry. Here they are at work:

...and here is their work: 1st image is Xaara's and 2nd Magnus:
After that, we played some games and soon after our guests left, cause they were tired. It was a lovely relaxing evening. However, we moved our events' day to Saturday, so no one feels the pressure of a workday. 
Have a nice weekend, you all!

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