Friday, February 23

Time Out...for now

Hello everyone!

Im back, but with not such good news! I've got the flu and i had to cancel the events that were supposed to take place today and tomorrow. And im so very sorry really, because tomorrow at least i was supposed to show some scrapbooking to 70 kids or so, members of the local Scouts organization. On the 22nd of February it's the International Day of the Scouts and we were supposed to celebrate it by creating scrapbooking pages with photos from 1994, when the local organization has been set up, until now. It would have been so interesting and im so sorry i missed it. 
Also, today me and the gurls were supposed to meet for another ReCreative Meeting and we should have created cards for 8th of March. So...yeah, i missed on much. But i do hope we will be able to recuperate soon. And i want to thank everyone for their understanding.
The truth is that in the last 14 days or so i've been in touch with so many people having either the cold or the flu, that it's incredible i did not catch it until now. Only it could have chosen a better moment when i did not have so many nice events to attend :). I need to have a talk with Mr/Mrs Flu.
Until my next post, i wish all you a lovely weekend!

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