Monday, March 12

All Occasions Album - part 2 (video)

Hello, crafty peeps!

What's up ;)? Gave you pretty much to read and nice stuff as well, right? Hope you liked it and that you will get back to finish the stories that started around here ;).
Anyways, now im back with the 2nd part of the "All Occasions Scrapbook", which contains wedding pages, and then Easter, Halloween, Christmas and heritage pages, each of them in more than 1 style.

Writing this, i just realized that i posted the video one day earlier, not on a Tuesday like i planned to, and also that I did not include a Valentine's Day page in this album. But i think i put the balance right with the "Love is all around" album i made this year :).
Well, i won't keep you any longer; long day for me tomorrow, so i must dash ;). Here is the demo video:

I will get back to you as soon as possible, as i have to tell you what happened at the auction i was telling about here ;).
Until then, have an easy week and lovely weather :)!

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