duminică, martie 4

Spring in freestyle style ;)

Hello everyone!

Im back again, still recovering from the cold, still feeling a bit dizzy, mostly from not getting out too much (like not at all in 10 days, which for me is huge, i get dizzy if i don't get out 2 days) and maybe some from the medication i took. Anyway, the plan is to get out today, as soon as im done writing this article.
There is one thing i HAVE to do asap: one movie for my Youtube channel: not sure if i manage a tutorial, but something i must whip up, because i've jumped over last week, because of the cold, and this can't be done again ;). The pressure one feels once one gets into the game :P.
Not sure if you know, but this winter we had a rather spring-ish weather and now that the spring came (according to the calendar, anyway) the winter decided to show its last powers and we had low temperatures (-17 degrees Celsius in the night) and enough snow. It was like "Merry Christmas, everyone!" on 1st of March :). Now it started raining some, so the snow started melting slowly but surely.
Last night we had our ReCreative Meeting, where one of the 3 guests created a card with quilling flowers, the other worked on her bullet journal, from which i don't have a photo and the last one socialized and enjoyed. Just like before, this meeting was done in a freestyle style :P.
Here you have some pics:

That would be all for now. 
Wish you all a nice spring and see you soon, i hope!

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