Saturday, April 28

"Catch me if you can" 4 la 12Doispe

Hello dear friends!

It's Saturday evening and i knew i had something more to tell you at about the same time i posted about the latest ReCreative Workshop - for which, btw, you can read the most honest and objective review here ;). And what i forgot then is the 4th part of our ongoing exhibition "Catch me if you can". 2 more creations are on exhibit at 12Doispe, our cool host, and the one made by Magnus has a special story, because is for charity - the same cause as in January. To be more precise: it's for the same 2 kids, Gabi and Alberto, and their family, but this time the goal is to offer them some decent housing. Right now they (6 persons) live in a room without heating, hot water and sometimes even without any food. Despite all this, they go to school and they are fantastic. We got attached to the kids and are willing to do what we can to help any action that Mihai, our friend from the Swedish Embassy in Romania, has started to help them. For this purpose Magnus has made some paintings and he put 2 up for sale: one of them is for sale for Magnus' friends in Sweden and this last one is being sold for 250 RON:

...and here are the 2 together:
Im actually thinking to put mine for sale as well, for the same cause: 450 RON

Hope you like what you read and see and hope you have a great weekend. It's all work here all the way to 2nd of May. But we will manage to relax some as well, i promise ;). 
I will be back soon with details about the next ReCreative Workshop.

Friday, April 27

"Stay FABulous" brings 2 FAB pages

When passion does not let you give up and makes you forget about profit and profit margins, you know you feel good about what you're doing. It may not last forever, but for as long as it lasts it's totally worth enjoying it! That's my case with my scrapbooking workshops: i will be there even if only 1 person joins the workshop and i will enjoy it as much as if 100 came :). 
Last night we were supposed to be 3, but the 3rd one could not join in the end because she was delayed by some unpredicted event. And so in the end we were just 2: me and Andra, a young and cute mother to be. I know, it's a tough market, really tough one, and i should be disappointed, and i used to be. But i think im learning not to be anymore. 
It was a very enjoyable afternoon, with lots of talks about anything interesting and we even managed to create 1 scrapbooking page each. I know, the talking is sometimes so interesting that you forget about it, the actual reason of the meeting :)). But we did manage and it was really fun! 
Here i leave you with photos from the event and of our creations, of course:

Hope you like what we created. Im so looking forward to the next workshop, which is next Thursday, only 1 week away this time, for objective reasons ;). 
I will get back with details about it and other events soon!

Monday, April 23

Scrapbooking Earth Day

Hello, happy scrappy peeps!

Yesterday was Earth Day and i did celebrate it, just so you know ;). I will be very short and say that i will recycle and throw the garbage selectively every time i can. I first learned about the waste separation in Sweden, where i was happy to do that, feeling that i really did something for the environment and in the end for myself, of course. That's the whole point that we have to understand: we only do it for ourselves, for a better, healthier future for our children, for them to breath a cleaner air. Isn't that important?
Getting  back to yesterday: it was an event that was supposed to happen on 22nd of February, the International Scouts Day, but, if you remember, i was being cold then and could not attend. I took my "revenge" now and celebrated Earth with 20 scouts between 7 and 14 yo, on a beautiful sunny day, by scrapbooking with scraps ;). We created an album page on the same theme "Me and nature, in spring". Im always impressed to discover hidden talents in boys that would like to become journalists but they have an eye for colour and design. Or in gurls that do performance athletics in their free time, but are also passioned about making cards and they have their father buy them the supplies wherever they find them. I love to hear stories like these. Im not saying anything new here: but such talents, if wanting to develop in this direction, all they need is a bit of guiding. Not mine, obviously, im not an art teacher, but scrapbooking is definitely a way to discover themselves and their own talent. That's just my opinion :). 
Anyway, i leave you with the photos from the event, for you to feel the effervescence of the meeting. You find all the photos here. And i will tell you this: im looking forward to repeating the experience: are the scraps i brought: to feel that we recycle ;)

Now it's back to work for me ;). Until next time, probably Friday, let's all have an easy week!

Friday, April 20

Stay FABulous - cel mai GLAM atelier din Craiova

Nu pot sa cred ca uitasem sa postez pe blog anuntul despre urmatorul atelier. De fapt, cu toata "harababura" de saptamana asta care inca nu s-a terminat, nici nu e de mirare. In plus, l-am promovat atata pe FB, ca de blog uitasem, trebuie sa recunosc :).Sorry, Mr. blog, o sa ma revansez, sper ca stii deja ;).
Dupa cum stiti - sau poate ca inca nu stiti - atelierele ARCOM au loc joia, la fiecare 2 saptamani, in barul 12Doispe de pe A.I. Cuza, cea mai cool gazda ever ;). De fapt, suntem cel mai ReCreativ atelier din oras si singurul de scrapbooking, va garantam ;).
Regula de baza pentru fiecare atelier este ca in pretul de 25 lei intra 50% din materiale (cele strict specifice, pe care doar noi le putem furniza), cafeaua si apa plata, plus indrumarea, bineinteles ;). Consumatia nu este obligatorie!!!

Mai ramane ca tu sa aduci:
- 2 coli A4 de carton in culori asortate (negru, rosu, alb, bleu, roz)
- banda dublu-adeziva si banda adeziva 3D, foarfeca, rigla, creion
- flori din hartie / panglica / nasturasi etc.

si sa iti anunti participarea apasand butonul GOING si lasand un comentariu/mesaj de CONFIRMARE pana cel tarziu miercuri, 25.04. Vom crea kituri numai pentru cei care lasa comentariu de confirmare (nu e de ajuns sa dati GOING).

De restul ne ocupam noi: trimmer, perforatoare decorative, hartie imprimata tematic, elemente decorative asortate etc.
Dar stati, ca asta nu e tot, mai avem o "OFERTA" FABuloasa, in ton cu tema atelierului: fiecare nou participant la atelier beneficiaza de 12% reducere. Iar grupurile (de la 2 in sus) platesc 20 in loc de 25 lei/pers. In traducere libera:
➤ 1 Nou-venit | 22 lei
➤ 2 sau mai multi Nou-veniti | 20 lei de pers

Atelierul de joia viitoare va fi unul Glam, Sassy & FAB, la fel ca  si participantele. Si mai multe detalii gasesti pe pagina evenimentului. vom crea felicitari ca cea din imagine, menite in primul rand sa ne faca sa ne simtim FABulos ;).

Credit: Google Images

Numarul de locuri este limitat, asa ca nu mai stati pe ganduri: stim ca inima s-a entuziasmat si ca mintea s-a convins. Mai ramane sa apesi butonul GOING si sa lasi commentul de confirmare. Si, nu uita, daca vii in grup cu prietenele tale, sa ne spui cate sunteti, ca sa stim cate kituri va pregatim.

Noi ne revedem luni, cel tarziu marti, cu imagini de la atelierul scrapbooking de duminica, impreuna cu Cercetasii Romaniei, filiala Craiova, grupul Temerarii (10-14 ani). Pana atunci, sa aveti un weekend super!

Wednesday, April 18

2nd Easter layout goes to my father

I said i'd be back with a new Easter layout, right? It was my intention from the beginning to make 2LOs at the last Workshop, but despite all my good intentions, i did not manage. Here's the 1st one, the one that i managed to finish during the workshop - i only added some stamping on the photo mat, once i got home ;).
I managed to create the second one during the weekend. And im very happy with it. It's for my father, who has always loved gardening and he still has a big garden, with fruit trees, wine yard, vegetables, strawberries and some flowers :). Isn't this lovely? He will be 76 this summer and he's thinking about selling it. This garden has been his retreat all his life: after work (he's been a building engineer) he would always come to the farm and do his magic. We don't know what he will do once he sells the farm, because he hates staying indoors all day long, so maybe he will start taking care of the little garden in front of his flat building. Old habits die hard :).
Anyway, this is the layout i made for him, it's a tad bigger than A4 and "PASTI" means "Easter" in Romanian ;). Clocociov is just outside the city he lives in, where the farm is. that you know everything, what do you think about it ;)?

Until next time, i wish you all a lovely week ahead!
I think i'll be back soon, because i have something big and nice happening this weekend, with the Romanian Scouts organization in Craiova. What??? A scrapbooking workshop, you guessed ;). It's the workshop i volonteered for and missed in February, when i got cold and could not attend. But i could not miss the opportunity to join some 30 lovely kids in creating some cool&green LOs. So as soon as i have some photos from this cool event, i'll get back. Until then, have some fun ;)!

Sunday, April 15

Really done now's only my LO, that i did not really finish at the workshop on Thursday. I felt i needed to add some stamping on the pink mat under the photo. And so only today i found the time to do it. I like it a bit better now, and im happy with it. But even more happy i am with the 2nd page i also managed to finish today, but i will show that very soon, just not now ;). And that is simply because the photos i took with the phone have shadows :). 
Here is the 1st LO, what do you think about it?

Until my next post, take care and enjoy your Sunday ;)!

Friday, April 13

ARCOM Workshop 3 - Easter LOs

LATER EDIT: Added Livia's creations, scroll down to the photos ;)

Hello everyone,

Im back, as i promised, with photos from yesterday. Yesterday i did something for the 1 st time in my life: i created outdoors and away from home ;). We met at 12Doispe, our perfect guest, and even though initially we were thinking to stay in, we felt we needed more light and so we moved "in the backyard" - my favorite yard there, as they have 2 ;). It's a place with a great chi, where i feel i can just enjoy everything and forget about the world for a bit :). You know how that is, right? Extremely relaxing, yes. So we found a lower table and we filled it with all our supplies, it was a first for me, but i enjoyed it extremely much: good chi, good company, good music - what more could one wish for?
I did not have the time to create 2 LOs, i had an idea i wouldn't, but i will give it a go home. We left in a bit of a hurry, kid were hungry, food was getting cold, so we forgot to take a photo with the 3 of us and our creations. But i will manage to get hold of them and be back at you.
So, without further ado, here is what happened yesterday:
Me and my sister's creations

Livia's creations:

Our cool guest is into scrapbooking

Not really EASTER-ish our pages, but 2 of the photos used in the pages were taken at Easter, so it counts ;). Will get back with Livia's creations, she managed to make 2 pages, unbelievably quick she is ;).

And, as i like to plan ahead, here is our next FABulous workshop:

Until then, i wish you all a great and creative weekend!

Thursday, April 12

Catch me if you can 3 - ongoing

Hello, artsy peeps!

Im back with the 3rd part of our "Catch me if you can" exhibition taking place at 12Doispe, the coolest host there is. This time there is a bit of a puzzle: our creations are very similar in colour theme, but totally different in style and story :). We hope you like them.

Here's Magnus with my top favourite creation of his:

...and here's me, a bit blurry, tried to fix it but did not manage so well:

Here's a good version of it:

Until next time, hopefully soon, let's all have a lovely weekend! The weather sure is ;).

Wednesday, April 11

Catch me if you can - 2

Right, it's almost ending, and im sorry, but with the Easter holidays and all, I did not really have the time to write a blog post, just for Instagram. Im talking about our current exhibition at 12 Doispe, the bar where I also have the scrapbook workshops every other Thursday. We already had the 1st part of the exhibition - the idea is for each of us to showcase 1 creation and to let them be there for 1 week. Right now you can find us there with the 2nd part of the exhibition, which, by the way, we don't know yet how many parts it will have ;). This is it for now:
As soon as tomorrow we will have our next ReCreative Workshop, when we will create Easter layouts with photos taken either this year or earlier. Im so looking forward to it. I will of course get back with photos from the event.

Friday, April 6

Paste Fericit tuturor!

Sa ne fie sarbatorile pascale asa cum le dorim: cu sanatate, pace si armonie!

Pe curand!