miercuri, aprilie 18

2nd Easter layout goes to my father

I said i'd be back with a new Easter layout, right? It was my intention from the beginning to make 2LOs at the last Workshop, but despite all my good intentions, i did not manage. Here's the 1st one, the one that i managed to finish during the workshop - i only added some stamping on the photo mat, once i got home ;).
I managed to create the second one during the weekend. And im very happy with it. It's for my father, who has always loved gardening and he still has a big garden, with fruit trees, wine yard, vegetables, strawberries and some flowers :). Isn't this lovely? He will be 76 this summer and he's thinking about selling it. This garden has been his retreat all his life: after work (he's been a building engineer) he would always come to the farm and do his magic. We don't know what he will do once he sells the farm, because he hates staying indoors all day long, so maybe he will start taking care of the little garden in front of his flat building. Old habits die hard :).
Anyway, this is the layout i made for him, it's a tad bigger than A4 and "PASTI" means "Easter" in Romanian ;). Clocociov is just outside the city he lives in, where the farm is. So...now that you know everything, what do you think about it ;)?

Until next time, i wish you all a lovely week ahead!
I think i'll be back soon, because i have something big and nice happening this weekend, with the Romanian Scouts organization in Craiova. What??? A scrapbooking workshop, you guessed ;). It's the workshop i volonteered for and missed in February, when i got cold and could not attend. But i could not miss the opportunity to join some 30 lovely kids in creating some cool&green LOs. So as soon as i have some photos from this cool event, i'll get back. Until then, have some fun ;)!

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